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    Userverse, the leading Metaverse platform, plans to officially launch the closed beta of its next-generation Metaverse later this month. The new Metaverse platform is described as cutting edge and allows users to experience her Web3 capabilities. It will also serve as a testpad for developing the next generation of Metaverse platforms.

    Userverse Metaverse

    The beta version of the Utherverse Metaverse will allow users to claim their own Utherverse username. You can also learn about his Web3 variant of the Utherverse platform. It features numerous social and entertainment options, including a rooftop dance club offering live music to users, an outdoor concert menu, an influencer broadcast studio, film screenings, an art gallery, and a live audience.

    Through Utherverse, users will be able to interact with each other, engage in e-commerce, and trade virtual goods in a variety of settings.

    Closed beta access is automatically granted to VIP legacy users of Utherverse. Legacy users of Utherverse already have a username on the platform. Trunk owners who purchase functional NFTs (fNFTs) will receive priority access to the Utherverse. Finally, the list shows users who are already on your whitelist. You can sign up for these on the Utherverse Discord.

    The virtual celebration will last for one month

    The launch of the closed beta will also be accompanied by a month-long virtual celebration featuring entertainment events, networking, shopping, and special experiences for businesses and consumers.


    The main highlight of the celebration will be a corner dedicated to the 6th Annual Virtual Con. This will be a completely virtual his Web23 trade show, featuring panel discussions, exhibitors, and speakers. Utherverse founder and CEO Brian Shuster described 2023 as a “milestone year” for his platform, ushering in next-generation experiences.

    Internet pioneer Brian Shuster launched the Utherverse metaverse platform in 2005. The platform is currently known for offering immersive experiences to users as well as various commercial opportunities for brands to not only market but also monetize their products. Utherverse owns over 40 of his patents and is used by over 50 million people. Since its founding, it has processed over 32 billion virtual transactions. This transaction volume makes it one of the largest Metaverse platforms at the moment. Utherverse has the most photorealistic avatars of any Metaverse project to date.

    Shuster named 2023 a “momentous year” for the Utherverse metaverse. The platform offers a “hyper-realistic immersive experience” that captivates consumers. Utherverse says Metaverse’s technology backbone opens up “unprecedented opportunities” to a wide variety of users, including entertainment providers, brands, retailers, and companies operating in a variety of industries.

    Uther coin

    A few months ago, Utherverse User coin (UTHX) Via the Nexus ecosystem. This formed part of the coin’s initial decentralized offering (IDO). Uther Coin is used as the internal currency of all metaverses hosted in the Utherverse ecosystem.

    Intellectual property (IP) portfolio

    The Utherverse platform has accumulated several patents over the years, which are 50% backed by SoftBank/Fortress. These patents include: –

    • Three patents for multi-instance, multi-user animation platforms: These include parallel dimensions in computer memory.
    • Patent related to recording and reproducing experiences in virtual world systems
    • Two patents related to immersive displays
    • Patent for systems and methods of virtual world interaction.

    For a complete list of patents for the Utherverse platform, please visit check this page.

    legal challenge

    It hasn’t all been plain sailing for the Utherverse metaverse. Userverse in June 2021 filed a lawsuit Filed a lawsuit against Epic Games in Washington District Court for intellectual property infringement. The lawsuit sought declaratory and compensatory relief and additional damages for Epic Games’ infringement of the platform’s asserted patents.

    Utherverse alleges in the complaint that Epic created, used, sold, or imported software that uses instances of the asserted patents, multi-user animations, and experience playback solutions of the asserted patents. claimed to have infringed upon the claims of

    Utherverse is also Epic’s multi-instance, multi-user animation, recording and playback experience solution, specifically a software tool that allows Fortnite attendees to experience similar virtual worlds when performing concerts and virtual social events. Utherverse alleged that Epic Games infringed these patents in order to profit from the innovations in the asserted patents, and sought damages commensurate with the infringement. A decision has not yet been rendered on this case.


    Utherverse’s next-gen Web3 closed beta is scheduled to start on September 26th.

    check out For additional information. You can follow the social handles of the platform for regular updates on the project. –



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