Venetian High Roller Event: The Winner is Andrew Lichtenberger

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    Poker tournaments are back in Las Vegas. Over the weekend of August (12-15) he had four games. These were huge events held at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas and even broadcast live on PokerGO News. In the end, Andrew Lichtenberger won his two events while Ali his Imsilovich and Sean Perry won his other two events.

    Andrew Lichtenberger is a 33-year-old American professional poker player who finished a $10,000 buy-in event with $120,000 and a $25,000 buy-in for another $125,350. With all these earnings, this young poker player has increased his tournament earnings to $11.7 million. Undoubtedly, poker is one of his most famous card games, usually played in private homes and casinos, but nowadays it is trending online. The average person would think that poker players base their games on a fair amount of luck, but that’s not true. they have many skills.Today more and more Professional poker players and poker pages You can find anything related.

    Lichtenberger – Young Hope

    Andrew Lichtenberger – Player of the Year

    Andrew Lichtenberger was also Player of the Year with 168 Card Player points, so all the points he earned allowed him to end the year in 61st place on the GlobalPoker scale. So far he has scored 1,393 points and this year he has made $604.100. But the year isn’t over yet, so his earnings could be even higher in the next tournament. The PokerGO Tour also has his leaderboard, where he ranks 22nd with 75 points.

    With all these figures, Lichtenberger says he Highly skilled professional poker player And that there is plenty of space for someone who wants to be serious enough to make money in this game. Andrew is also known by the nickname “Lucky Chewy”, his online alias. In addition to playing poker, he is a video producer and poker coach for the poker learning site Leggo Poker.

    Prize negotiation

    The final event of the Venetian Tournament saw 14 players enter and create a pool of $350.000. The rules usually suggest that the two final players set the payout, but because the fourth player, his Chris Brewer, was eliminated, his three remaining players in the final negotiated. , eventually agreed on the distribution of prize money. This result is how Andrew Lichtenberger has won for the second time since he was the frontrunner.But in the world of poker tournaments, this year Bosnian poker player Ali Imsirovic – He has already been named Top High Roller Tournament Performer for 2021. He has won 8 titles this year and has amassed 2.600 PokerGO points, setting his goals at a very high level. But there’s still plenty of time before the end of the year, and Ali, 26, isn’t going to take his feet off the gas.


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