VERTU and HashKey Exchange Forge Alliance for Enhanced Web3 Financial Security

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    VERTU and HashKey Exchange Forge Alliance strengthen Web3 financial security
    November 14, 2023
    November 14, 2023

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    Hong Kong-based luxury mobile phone brand VERTU has announced a strategic partnership with licensing exchange HashKey Exchange. This collaboration aims to provide high-end consumers with an advanced and secure virtual asset trading experience. With the official launch of this partnership, VERTU will integrate his HashKey Exchange app into its mobile phones, providing superior digital asset trading services and financial security protection.

    Focus on virtual asset trading:

    Both VERTU and HashKey Exchange have specialized in the field of mobile payments for virtual assets in recent years. HashKey Exchange is a recognized leader in crypto asset trading and stands out for its commitment to security, convenience, and compliance. At the same time, VERTU pioneered the integration of Web3 tools from computers to mobile devices through the Web3&AI phone METAVERTU2. VERTU leverages unique hardware and software capabilities to combine chips and software to deliver a level of security comparable to financial institutions.

    Origin of collaboration:

    The opportunity for this collaboration arose during VERTU’s METAVERTU2 product launch event held in Hong Kong on November 1st. His COO of HashKey Group, Livio Weng, attended the event and expressed great support for METAVERTU2’s digital asset security capabilities. During the event, Mr. Wen introduced the concept of “warm wallets”, where most of your assets are stored in cold wallets for security, while assets you use on a daily basis are placed in hot wallets, creating a balance between security and convenience. suggested a strategy to take.

    A smartphone specifically designed for your digital financial needs:

    HashKey Exchange and VERTU will collaborate to produce smartphones specifically designed to meet users’ digital financial needs. This partnership aims to provide more convenient and secure virtual asset trading services to high-end users around the world and enrich the overall digital asset experience of VERTU phone users. Additionally, this partnership will also contribute to the advancement of mobile cryptocurrency payments globally.

    Innovations in smartphone technology:

    As an innovative smartphone brand, VERTU introduced the world’s first Web3 phone last year. This year, VERTU has enhanced the technology by combining his Web3 and AI based on the first generation to enhance intelligence and security. METAVERTU2 is equipped with abundant storage capacity, dual model AI data, and AI agent for task processing, and is positioned as an AI phone with the theme of “One More Brain”. Security features include bank-level security chips and KEYBOX technology, ensuring unique write and read capabilities while strictly protecting user data privacy. Biometric authentication methods such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning improve the convenience of users’ wallets.

    Advances in the financial security landscape:

    The collaboration between VERTU and HashKey Exchange means that METAVERTU2, the most innovative phone that integrates Web3 and AI technology, provides an enhanced user experience and pioneers the Web3 financial security environment. This partnership is an important step in providing cutting-edge solutions to high-end users who demand a high degree of security and convenience in their virtual asset transactions.


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