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    According to the Lancet Global Surgery Commission, the majority of the world’s population does not have access to safe and affordable surgical care when they need it. Skilled surgeons are also limited, especially in isolated and underdeveloped areas. But his Beyond Metaverse, an American startup, is working on a breakthrough solution to address this shortage by breaking down geographic barriers for surgeons.

    Veyond Metaverse has developed a platform called Veyond Connect that enables remote collaboration between surgeons using Augmented Reality (XR) technology. XR includes various technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality. By fusing XR with digital twin modeling and haptic feedback systems, Veyond Connect empowers expert surgeons to supervise operations on patients who may be halfway around the world.

    Traditionally, both surgeons involved in an operation are in the same room, but with Veyond Connect, they can now work together even when physically separated. The platform facilitates dialogue between operators, who have direct contact with patients, and supervisors, who provide guidance and instruction. The technology creates real-time digital replicas of patients and surgical instruments, allowing proctors to provide augmented reality instructions to operators. The platform also enables interactive communication and collaboration through features such as marking, writing and drawing in a virtual environment. Additionally, the haptic feedback feature provides proctologists with tactile feedback that replicates the physical sensations experienced during surgery.

    Veyond Connect differentiates itself from existing solutions by offering a more immersive and accurate surgical experience. By recreating the surgical environment in 3D on the Metaverse, we aim to democratize access to the best possible surgical expertise while increasing access, adoption and positive outcomes of surgical care.

    Beyond making the actual surgery easier, Wayon Connect has the potential to revolutionize surgical training. Surgeons can virtually train and extend their knowledge to remote parts of the world, addressing the shortage of medical professionals.

    In September, Veyond Connect will demonstrate its capabilities by facilitating operations performed by operators in Paris on patients in Myanmar. This demonstration aims to alleviate the suffering of people in areas with limited access to professional surgeons. The company plans to expand his use of Wayond Connect to other surgical specialties such as orthopedics, heart and brain surgery, and eventually organ transplantation.

    Veyond Connect’s innovative technology can overcome the barriers of distance and limited surgical expertise, ultimately transforming the standard of surgical care on a global scale.

    – Augmented Reality (XR): An umbrella term that encompasses technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.
    – Augmented Reality: Technology that overlays virtual objects onto the real world to enhance the user’s perception and experience.
    – Virtual Reality: Technology that immerses the user in a fully virtual environment generated by computer graphics.
    – Mixed Reality: Technology that combines elements of the real and virtual worlds to create new environments in which physical and digital objects can interact.
    – Digital Twin: A virtual replica of a physical object or system that can be digitally analyzed and manipulated for various purposes such as simulation, monitoring, and optimization.
    – Haptic Feedback: Use technology to provide tactile or force feedback to the user to replicate the sense of touch.

    – Lancet Commission on Global Surgery


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