Video Shows Gary Gensler Claiming ETH & BTC Are Not Security

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    The recent crackdown by the US SEC and its Chairman Gary Gensler has sparked heated debate within the cryptocurrency community, with investors and enthusiasts alike questioning the future of these digital assets.

    However, a 2018 video featuring Gensler has resurfaced and caused a stir online. In the video, Gensler clarifies that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities. This contradiction fuels the fire and further complicates the already complex regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies.

    Gensler’s conflicting statements have shocked the market and investors are eagerly awaiting clarification of the SEC’s position.

    Classifying Bitcoin and Ethereum as securities would have a significant impact on their use, trading and overall market stability. Therefore, the outcome of this lawsuit could reshape the cryptocurrency industry as we know it.

    another Chairman Gensler’s 2018 video resurfaces In a lecture on blockchain and cryptocurrencies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his statement that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities undermines his credibility and underscores the need for clear and consistent messages from regulators.

    Cryptocurrency markets thrive on stability and certainty, but such discrepancies can lead to turmoil and potential market instability. It is imperative that regulators communicate effectively, provide the necessary clarity, and maintain trust in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    Rumors are circulating that the SEC and Gensler themselves have shorted cryptocurrencies. Coinbase Accuses Gensler of Market Manipulation for high profits.

    Ongoing lawsuits against Bitcoin and Ethereum by the SEC are threatening the cryptocurrency market as stakeholders and investors await solutions that will balance regulatory oversight and innovation, and ultimately shape the future of digital assets. has a negative impact on


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