VIP Entertainment Technologies Inc initiates a metaverse and Web3 advisory board for the purpose of defining and enacting strategies to launch free-to-play and for-profit gaming activities in the metaverse

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    Calgary, Alberta – On June 8, 2023, VIP Entertainment Technologies Inc. (TSXV: VIP) (“VIP” or the “Company”) has established an Advisory Board to define and execute its future strategy I am very happy to announce that Free-to-play and cash-based game activity on the Metaverse. The Advisory Board will be led by Stefan Kovach and Adam de Cata, two of his leading experts in the Web3 and Metaverse industry. VIP asked Stephan, who has a lot of gambling experience, to write a report detailing the company’s metaverse strategy in consultation with Adam and others, including VIP’s technical team. The report he expects to be completed by the end of July, and implementation of future plans to begin shortly thereafter. Based on the information currently available, VIP expects to roll out the first Metaverse casino by the fourth quarter of 2023.

    VIP Director Bob Runde said: “For VIP, to be able to work with two such seasoned professionals and Metaverse experts in strategy development and execution is a tremendous opportunity. Over the years, we have returned to rational and sensible opportunity cost assessments and believe it is the right time for VIP to enter this space. We believe that the Metaverse and Web3 are the next evolution of the web and that only a fraction of the booming I gaming market over the past 15 years will migrate to these technologies. We believe that this market will become important just by doing so.”

    Our network of advisory boards and access to global A-list IP enables VIP to create a unique and exciting environment for our customers and prospective customers, creating a meaningful differentiation from our competitors.

    Stephan Kovacs said: We share their vision of exploring new horizons in the Metaverse and would love to help bring their ideas to life. Being at the forefront of Web3 and Metaverse technologies offers the opportunity to revolutionize the gambling experience, making it more fun, challenging, and holding the next generation of players accountable. ”

    About Stefan Kovach

    Stefan is the founder of RarerThings, a strategic Web3 advisory service working with high-profile clients in the sports, entertainment and luxury industries. He has acted as an advisor to many tennis industry players, including the ATP, WTA, Australian Open and global tennis stars, as well as working with traditional and native fashion and gaming brands. He started working on decentralized technology in 2017, when he became CEO of the first-generation Ethereum dapp.

    Prior to working at Web3, Stefan worked on Virgin Atlantic’s first e-commerce strategy and worked on internet-based businesses since the late 90s as part of the team that launched Opodo, an online travel agency backed by nine European airlines. assisted in the creation and expansion of And he’s a senior executive at PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room.

    He is passionate about new technologies and supporting startups as an early-stage angel investor and regularly speaks on business models and use cases for NFTs, Metaverses, Tokenomics and Play-to-Ear.

    About Adam de Cata

    Adam is a recognized leader in enabling blockchain, NFTs and the Metaverse, specializing in building digital and virtual world experiences for brands and artists. He is the founder of award-winning studio Run It Wild, a multidisciplinary blockchain, metaverse and NFT development studio specializing in art, collectibles and games.Diverse portfolio including blue-chip brands such as the Australian Open [recent recipient of a Bronze Lion award at Cannes Festival]the link tree [$1B unicorn evaluation] and Elvis Presley [exclusive web3 IP licensee]USGA, World Table Tennis, and creators such as Kelly Wearstler [2M followers]Alex Troschuto [award winning artist] and David McLeod [award winning artist]Run It Wild found a product market fit in partnering with brands to navigate the possibilities of Web 3.0. With a strong background in licensing and brand management, he spent his early career managing iconic brands such as Warner Bros. Batman and Harry Potter. Adam is keenly aware of the very real challenges and vast opportunities that Web 3.0 presents.

    He previously consulted as Head of Partnerships for Decentraland, the world’s first fully decentralized 3D virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. In this capacity, Adam led the creation and execution of the end-to-end Metaverse strategy, from conception to commercialization. Combining brand management and Metaverse expertise, Adam has earned a front row seat for every brand/IP involved in his play in the Metaverse, and has an impressive array of iconic brands in Decentraland, including Sotheby’s, Coca. We’ve grown our roster. Coke and Samsung to name a few.

    For more information, please visit or contact us at:

    VIP Entertainment Technologies Inc.

    Bob Runde


    Phone: +1-604-763-1034

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