VIRTUAL COMMERCE: Enter the metaverse to build your home

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    Want to teleport to your dream home? Next, enter the Easy Build showroom at Great India Place Mall in Noida, put on your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, and check out the color of the walls in the living room, the tiles in the kitchen, and more. , or select luxury fittings for your bathroom. You can also get a feel for the texture of the tiles (glossy or matte) with the help of haptic feedback through a simulated tactile experience. Think your false ceiling is a little too low? Well, just raise it a few inches using a hand tracking tool. Still not sure? Compare between brands with the help of our AI assistant. When you’re done, put everything in your virtual shopping cart and click the payment link. Within a few days, all materials will be shipped to the project site along with installation location and recommendations for plumbers, carpenters, and masons.

    Welcome to the world of Metaverse Shopping! From exploring roomscapes to collaborating with architects, interior designers, and family in another city, the possibilities are endless with the Easy Build Metaverse Commerce Enabled Experience Center, says Chief Technology Officer said Pranab Das. “Metaverse technology, e-commerce, logistics It is designed to transform the building materials retail industry by offering all types of building solutions under one roof,” he says.

    Technology is carried through every step of the way, creating a rich physical experience. Naked Eye 3D Experience is a portable holographic display that uses LED fan technology to create holographic images and videos without the need for glasses or other viewing aids. Not only can you grab the customer’s attention, but you can also make them see the details and how it works in the real world. The center’s Meta bikes and Meta vans identify construction sites in each cluster from data collected from satellite imagery, local organizations and retail outlets. Van/Bike visits these sites to evaluate their value in relation to Easy Build’s business, market the site to interested parties, and track business converted from a particular site. . This meta van/bike-based demand generation is expected to drive conversions in the high double digits, says Das.

    Mr. Vishal Kanodia, Founder and Managing Director of Easy Build and Head of Kanodia Group, a leading UP-based cement manufacturing company, said that by March 2024, 50 to It says it plans to establish 60 Metaverse Experience Centers. Technologies, products, solutions and dealers across the categories of structures (cement, steel, brick, etc.), intermediate materials (tiles, wood, hardware, electrical and plumbing), finishing materials (paints, sanitary and chrome-plated fittings, lighting). Introducing the network. Around 73 brands are participating, including ACC Cement, JK Cement, Kohler, Havell’s, Century Ply, Finolex, Hindware and Tata Steel.

    Large online platforms usually sell products to end consumers at discounted prices because they are able to cut out the middleman. But it also spells disaster for retailers, stockists, distributors, and the rest of the supply chain. According to Kanodia, the Easy Build platform works with resellers to reduce inventory inventory and transportation costs, allowing them to pass those savings on to end customers without taking business away from resellers. .

    “We are targeting retail customers, but we are also involving major builders. Via the Metaverse Experience Center, customers can choose the final look of their apartments, giving builders a better starting point. We can provide customized interiors within a wide range of parameters, which not only shortens delivery times for builders, but also reduces costs for customers who do not require renovations when acquiring a home. “Yes,” he added.

    The Noida Experience Center has booked orders worth Rs 517 million in the pre-launch week. India’s building materials market is estimated at Rs 12 trillion and with the help of virtual reality, the dream of getting a piece of it from the cool confines of an air-conditioned store may become a reality .


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