Virtual girl group MAVE: set for music comeback

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    Virtual girl group MAVE logo: [METAVERSE ENTERTAINMENT]

    Virtual girl group MAVE: will release a new song this month, their agency Metaverse Entertainment announced on Tuesday.

    This is the second time the girl group has released a new song since their debut on January 25th of this year.

    The girl group promised to make a comeback this fall at MBC Radio’s “Idol Radio Live in Seoul” concert held as part of their comeback promotion in September.

    MAVE: is a virtual girl group created by Metaverse Entertainment. It consists of four virtual members: MARTY:, TYRA:, ZENA:, and SIU:. His recent debut single “Pandora” has been streamed over 45 million times on global music streaming service Spotify as of Tuesday.

    MAVE:’s distributor, Metaverse Entertainment, is a subsidiary of game publisher Netmarble. The company was established in August 2021 and specializes in Metaverse-related businesses.

    For more information about MAVE, please visit: Celeb confirmed!

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