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    Release: Tue 7 3 2023, 10:57 AM

    Last update: Tuesday, March 7, 2023 12:42

    IAMX.Live, a Dubai-based next-generation technology and production company, is the latest addition to its line of virtual influencers created by placing computer-generated virtual characters as real people on social media. bottom.Social media posts from ALARA X, the first virtual influencer IAMX Livedescribes himself as an “unreal star” and receives thousands of interactions. Her releasing ALARA X movie stands out for its ability to capture the highest quality reality in its clothing and body simulations, ready to push the boundaries of reality across Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.

    Virtual influencers are being used more and more in influencer marketing. Well-known brands that want to play an active role in the new version of the Internet are starting to use virtual characters in their Metaverse projects. Campaigns created by virtual influencers have also been successful in attracting consumers. According to a study conducted by Influencer Marketing Factory, 35% of consumers have purchased a product advertised by a virtual influencer.

    ALARA X is positioned as the first member of the virtual human colony that IAMX.Live has been working on. ALARA X, whose number of followers is rapidly increasing, is becoming more popular day by day. Ercan Baris, CEO of IAMX.Live, stressed that out of his five of his consumers he has three but at least one virtual he follows an influencer. says so.

    Noting that ALARA X has surpassed 500,000 followers in a short period of time, Baris added:

    Top quality clothing and body simulation

    According to Baris, IAMX.Live stands out for its ability to capture the highest quality reality in clothing and body simulations. While other startups offer services such as digital human design, clothing simulation and virtual reality video production separately, IAMX.Live is a next-generation technology company and studio that brings all these services together. . ALARA X is the first project to showcase the company’s strong capabilities for the Metaverse and his Web 3.0-driven projects that have the potential to revolutionize visual his reality.

    Posing in cafés, metaverses, homes, and on the streets, ALARA X occasionally poses for social media accounts on various channels, especially Instagram, and is known as one of the pioneers of the virtual human colony. She is working on IAMX.Live.

    “These characters that we organically associate with concepts like NFTs and blockchains are also key for brands to enter the metaverse,” he said, introducing new virtual influencers in various professions such as pop stars. Baris, who continues to work on creating it, said: Newscaster, journalist.

    Embarking on this journey with ALARA X, IAMX.Live remains committed to creating a virtual influencer ecosystem licensed and owned by global brands and investors. The company aims to create a surreal virtual human colony of 21 characters by 2030.

    Focus on the customer experience in the metaverse reflects the technological successes achieved with ALARA X into the brand’s corporate identity. The digital lives of the brand’s iconic hyper-realistic virtual characters are fictionalized on social media platforms. offers turnkey production services by leading brands in creating virtual stars while offering all the opportunities offered by its technology from a single source. Focusing on the brand’s customer experience in the Metaverse by developing his PR strategies for Web 3.0, NFT projects, global collaborations, and surreal virtual characters that brands use in their communications and digital sales channels.


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