Virtual Reality Opens New Avenues For Medicine

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    New research opens new avenues in science. Metaverse can also be used for her 3D observation of cells.

    Human body and cells (from Canva) –

    advances in science and medicine That’s today’s order. New technologies are dramatically changing our world and improving our well-being. A new study was recently published in a journal. Scientific journal “Small Methods”.

    Three-dimensional observation of cells: virtual reality as a means of expanding knowledge

    Cells of the human body (photo from Canva) –

    This study has recently received much feedback from leading experts in the field and was conducted by: national research council (CNR) and the University of Naples. Researchers were able to create an advanced system that: Visualize cells in the metaverse in 3D, In other words, virtual reality.

    The following people also participated in this project: Other institutions: Institute of Intelligent Industrial Systems and Technologies for Advanced Manufacturing (Stiima) and Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems “E. Caianiello” (Isasi). Additionally, the Department of Molecular and Medical Biotechnology of the Federico II University of Naples is involved.

    How the project works and its impact

    Through images of cells obtained from tomography microscopy, the researchers were able to create actual three-dimensional images of the cells themselves.The research results are surprising and thanks to New technologyscientists can Examine and analyze the cells.

    No more tools like fluorescent markers that damage the cells themselves.This is called a new analysis. “3D tomographic cytometry” It can help doctors and patients in various areas. Thanks to this system, Observation of cells is immersive And there are no side effects.A truly dynamic exploration that guides doctors, scientists, and students into looking at cells. In a way never seen before.

    One of the many uses for this technology is to help doctors diagnose medical conditions that affect very important cells. contribution Therefore, for Oncology Medicine. Additionally, new 3D visualizations also make it easy to share data and observations with other laboratories. It was a huge success in Italy. It will greatly contribute to medicine, science and student education.


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