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    This is the scene that Chris Brickler (founder) said. HTC Vibe Partner companies MyndVR-I will never forget. An elderly couple who had been married for 50 years had lost most of their ability to communicate due to the woman’s Alzheimer’s disease. Walking into her room at a New Jersey nursing home with her VR headset packed with amazing content, Brickler asked if she wanted to revisit meaningful places in her life. She chose Paris, which is the base for her couple’s honeymoon and family vacation. Ms. Brickler gently placed her device on her head. A woman virtually ascended into her 3D immersive version of the City of Lights and “re-experienced” everything from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre. Within 60 seconds, Brickler recalled, she began to vividly describe events that happened decades ago. This phenomenon, known as reminiscence therapy, is a VR-powered breakthrough that induces the brain to become sharper and function better in ways never before possible. The woman burst into tears, much to the delight of the clinicians around her. This, and more, is the potential of virtual reality technology.

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    There was a time when the excitement surrounding the Metaverse was at its peak. The company, then known as Facebook, acquired Oculus in 2014, setting the stage. Long-standing rumors that Apple is “about to launch” its own augmented reality (AR) headset have heated up. In the intervening years, VR headset sales had seen dramatic growth and continued to grow, but when Facebook went meta, the Metaverse hype started to heat up, but quickly fizzled out. It seems like it was.

    However, recent months seem to indicate that the Metaverse is back. However, a version with more facets than Meta’s vision is back. Apple’s June announcement that the Vision Pro AR glasses would be released in 2024, and just days before that, Meta’s own declaration that the Quest 3 VR headset would be introduced this fall was a huge surprise to iPhone/Android users. We prepared ourselves for the possibility of a war-like battle for the top. . Adding to the excitement was TikTok owner ByteDance’s acquisition of PICO, one of China’s largest VR companies, in 2021. One company that continues to have a clear impact on people’s lives with his solid, successful and unique VR business in healthcare, education, aerospace, automotive and other enterprise sectors is his HTC VIVE. .

    Its parent company, HTC Consumer Electronics, was at one time the largest smartphone supplier in the United States, selling 48 million units a year. Dan O’Brien, VIVE’s general manager for the Americas and his manager, describes the long-term approach to innovative design and practical smartphones. Global solutions contributed to the growth of this sector. (His conversations with O’Brien also prove that he has the ability to clearly communicate the contents of the Metaverse. Viverse, which the company calls its own immersive ecosystem, is actually: It is a virtual environment in which consumers can exist together at various levels of immersion not only through headsets, but also through phones, tablets, and other devices. ) Exclusive agreement with software company Valve. creates, publishes, and distributes games on Steam, the world’s largest gaming platform, and headsets that provide the economic foundation for VIVE. But from the beginning, HTC had its sights set on meaningful use of VR headsets in the enterprise. “When Cher created this part of the company,” O’Brien said, referring to Cher Wang, co-founder of HTC and pioneer of the VIVE VR division, “we created this part of the company to create solutions for the betterment of humanity.” The purpose was to create a.”

    clock Technologies Below is an interview with Dan O’Brien, General Manager of the Americas for HTC VIVE.

    The purpose makes sense. Especially in the case of education and healthcare. advantage VR is well documented. Normally, a student retains only 5% of what he learns in a lecture, but with an immersive lesson in VR he retains 75%. A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that employees trained in VR work four times faster than those who learned the same skills traditionally. Equally impressive statistics apply to medicine. A study by Yale University School of Medicine found that surgeons trained in VR made one-sixth fewer mistakes and worked nearly one-third faster than those who learned only in the classroom. Hundreds of randomized trials reflect improved overall outcomes when VR is involved in patient care.

    HTC’s strategy paid off. Partners like MyndVR have the ability to increase the effectiveness of occupational therapy by gamifying exercises and enable breakthroughs in areas such as cognitive decline, such as through Paris “trips,” and will continue to grow in the coming 10 It will become even more useful over the years. For the first time in history, the number of people over 65 will outnumber those under 18. Other HTC partners with meaningful initiatives include Surgical Theatre. Surgical Theater uses VIVE headsets to allow patients and doctors to “fly” inside the brain, thereby better understanding problems and planning solutions. Pure dividends to the business are also plentiful. HTC partner and aerospace manufacturer Bell used VIVE headsets to shorten the production schedule for a new helicopter prototype, which typically takes five to seven years, to his six months, saving him $100 million in the process. I saved money. According to another study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, VIVE partners who use VR to train their employees find that such teaching increases employees’ confidence by 275% to act on what they learn. VR simulations have been shown to benefit people (VR simulations help people get an experience that feels real, so they can apply their skills more easily).

    But why would a partner choose to sign with HTC when Meta, for example, is moving into a similar enterprise space through a deal with Microsoft? Part of that is cutting-edge design.NEW VIVE XR ELITE headset For the first time, it seamlessly transforms into glasses, and its use cases are increasing. You can also easily charge it in that mode. The product can be connected directly to an external outlet via USB, extending its lifespan indefinitely. O’Brien also said that HTC was the first company in the world to introduce his 5G connectivity options across his XR headsets and spatial computing.

    Privacy issues in VR are also a top concern for enterprise customers, and O’Brien again points to HTC’s future thinking. “Privacy by design is our business,” he says. “We do not collect any user data.” (With rare exceptions such as warranty validation, in which case the customer will be notified.) This is in contrast to Meta. and is critical for customers who demand strong privacy controls in fields such as healthcare, design, and defense. “Why is Facebook in this business? To consume data, right? And we don’t know how many people are actually signed up for it.” Apple’s privacy policy is HTC’s privacy policy Although similar, O’Brien points out that the company’s Vision Pro costs more than three times as much as VIVE’s latest offering, the aforementioned XR Elite.

    Ultimately, O’Brien believes that even the hype generated by the meta may have underestimated the potential of the metaverse. “Wearables will wipe out smartphones,” he predicts, and he says there will be a “hockey stick moment,” or a sharp turnaround in sales, between 2027 and 2030. Still, it’s the meaning behind it that has him and his HTC most excited. business magic. “I think we’re going to have a huge impact on kids who don’t think of themselves as good learners and who lack confidence in being successful contributors to society. , we believe it will democratize access to data and information.” And it fulfills HTC’s original promise and mission to combine three core tenets: humanity, technology, and imagination.” he says.

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