Virtual Society Foundation Launches to Shape the Metaverse

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    With support from Improbable, the Virtual Society Foundation aims to accelerate mass adoption of the Metaverse.

    The Virtual Society Foundation (VSF) today announced its official launch, marking an important turning point in the development of the digital environment. The foundation plans to create an open and integrated metaverse using cutting-edge blockchain technology.

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    VSF is an independent organization founded by Improbable, a British start-up that has been leading the way in creating virtual worlds for over a decade. An interoperable metaverse ecosystem called MSquared provided initial funding for VSF. The Foundation's goal of enabling an accessible, community-driven Metaverse network aligns with Improbable and his vision for MSquared.

    Launch of Virtual Society Foundation

    The founder, Paul Thomas, VSFemphasized the collaborative and inclusive nature of the Foundation's mission in a statement announcing the foundation's establishment. He said the next decade will see major changes in online interaction and creation. He also said he sees this as a joint venture owned by everyone, rather than under the control of a few large companies.

    We need a diverse community of creators to work together to build an open community. metaverse communication networks; this cannot be done as a private initiative carried out by a select few actors. To ensure that the development of this new paradigm remains inclusive and transparent, VSF was established as an independent nonprofit organization with support from Improbable, MSquared, and other key partners.

    VSF's flagship project, Somnia Network, is an important step towards creating a single metaverse. Somnia Network, L1 blockchain and the Omnichain protocol suite, which aims to unify disparate metaverse experiences under one roof. The impending launch of Betanet and Somnia Network marks the beginning of a revolutionary journey towards decentralization and accessibility for all.


    A16z crypto, SoftBank, Mirana Venture, CMT Digital, and SIG are among notable investors who invested $150 million in Improbable in 2022 to launch MSquared, Improbable's interconnected network. It contains. metaverse Powered by Morpheus technology. Morpheus makes it easy for people to socialize in dense virtual spaces and has helped leading brands develop highly engaging and interactive Metaverse experiences.

    Tens of thousands of users can now enjoy collaborative, at-scale social experiences powered by MSquared, including concerts featuring K-pop artists like TWICE and the official virtual stadium of Major League Baseball (MLB) in the US. can.

    The Virtual Society Foundation envisions and is working toward an open, interconnected metaverse ecosystem as a platform for the creator economy to thrive. This vision is underpinned by a dedication to creating global standards that enable smooth interoperability of digital and cryptocurrency assets, including avatars, across a variety of metaverse experiences. The project promises to usher in a new era of digital creativity and interaction, while improving user experience and providing several opportunities for creative people.

    To fulfill its mission, the Foundation is dedicated to researching and creating blockchain technologies and protocols that support the open and interoperable network of the Metaverse, and funds development initiatives. metaverse Build an ecosystem, collaborate with foundations and other like-minded groups to create open standards for the Metaverse, and promote public use of Metaverse technology.


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