VR and AR at the Sundance Film Festival

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    The bastion of cinema, the Sundance Film Festival, is bravely exploring the VR medium and is ready to engage viewers in a new immersive experience this week in Park City, Utah. Games and simulations are the most popular applications of virtual and augmented reality, but some creators want to push these experiences in a more cinematic direction, using Sundance as a suitable platform. , showcases technology-inspired entertainment.

    Notable VR attractions include avena, A VR experience that follows the Yawanawa, an indigenous people based in the Amazon.there is also battle scarNarrated by Rosario Dawson, this striking CG-animated film follows a homeless teenager based in fictional New York in the 70’s. dinner partyDuring that time, he worked on the first documented alien abduction case, and finally, chorus is basically a 6-player VR game where players can shoot lightning at attacking monsters.

    AR attractions Journey to the Center of natural machine We have received a lot of positive feedback from our participants. The “Natural Machine” is the human brain, and the AR experience is intended for the two of her in one room to observe each other, interact with and experience the brain’s projections.

    Virtual reality has had a limited presence at Sundance so far, but this is the big debut of augmented reality. VR, AR, and other emerging technologies are the stars of this year’s festival, showing what’s possible with the next generation of technology. Even Sundance founder Robert Redford You can’t help but appreciate what virtual reality has to offer.


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