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    Da Nang Vietnam, November 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VR360 is celebrating a major milestone: its 5th anniversary. Since this project was established at a time when the epidemic was seriously spreading, it faced many questions and opposition from everyone. Although they predicted the difficulties we would face when the economy declined, it will not be easy for young businesses to overcome them. But with a passion for technology and the aspirations and ambitions of young people, his VR360 team always believes in solutions and product quality that bring practical benefits to businesses. Based on these beliefs, VR360 continues its journey to perfecting solutions and delivering the most complete products to our customers.

    VR360’s opportunity came in 2006 when it received an “order” from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Da Nang City – Wanting to inspire startups through meetings and interactions while ensuring safety during the epidemic, the VR360 team came up with the bold idea of ​​creating a virtual reality exhibition, a conference organization platform . Based on existing technology and experience, Team VR360 immediately began implementation. vr fair – Soon after, a platform for organizing virtual reality conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs was born.

    The project had a very positive effect and was well received, and many businesses in the city learned about VR360’s virtual exhibition platform. Additionally, the team also received a lot of comments on the design interface and added features to improve the user experience. vrFairs is being improved and upgraded every day, and by 2021 the virtual exhibition platform will completely conquer the demanding customers and many new projects will be launched, such as: Ho Chi Minh City and other states in 2021. Expanding Da Nang startup exhibition – Surf 2021, 2022, 2023.

    Team VR360 is made up of young people who love technology.
    Team VR360 is made up of young people who love technology.

    Gaining momentum, VR360 introduces virtual reality technology application solutions to customers, including: virtual tour and Model 3D – AR APIt is used by many companies in various fields. In particular, VR360 has the opportunity to collaborate with departments and institutions on VR tour projects. Da Nang city ​​and Hoi An Example: One touch Da NangMy Son Sanctuary, Hoi An Metaversee braaiThis has had a very positive effect on promoting tourism in the city.

    Over the past few years, VR360 has cherished new projects and will be launching them at the beginning of 2023. vr mall Platform – an upgraded version of vrFairs, the world’s first virtual reality trade center Vietnam Used by many companies. In addition, vrMall can also support professional event and exhibition organizations with its own virtual version of trade fairs and exhibitions, with many great features and a clear interface that is easy to use.

    After more than 5 years of establishment, operation and development, from the first project and human resources, VR360 Currently, we have over 50 talented and experienced employees and hundreds of projects are being implemented both domestically and internationally.We are proud to have the opportunity to cooperate with departments and institutions, as well as many large and reputed domestic companies such as Viettel, Toto, Vietceramic, Co.op Mart, MIK Group, Teka Group, National University of Economics, Anh Hon Factory, etc. I think… A top 3 company that provides innovation and digital transformation solutions applying technologies such as VR, AR, 360, Metaverse, and digital twins. etc VR360 still always maintains an entrepreneurial spirit, constantly innovating and creating to provide the best and perfect products and solutions for our customers.

    For more information and projects carried out by VR360, please contact us at the information below.
    VR360 – Digital Transformation Solutions Co., Ltd.
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