Warner Bros. partners with an AI company to bring Ready Player One to the metaverse

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    movie ready player 1 Written by Steven Spielberg, it shows just how important this franchise is to the culture at large. Now, Futureverse, a company working on AI and Metaverse projects, has teamed up with Warner Bros. Discovery to Ready, Player 1.

    It grossed an astonishing $583 million at the worldwide box office and left its mark on popular culture. Josh Hackbarth, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development for Warner Bros.'s Discovery, was genuinely excited about the partnership.

    He said:

    “We're excited to partner with Readyverse Studios to bring these unique characters, immersive environments, and more.”

    he recognized ready player 1 A complete game changer that has inspired innovators and creators of all kinds.

    Unlock the Metaverse: ready player 1 Take virtual reality by storm

    Readyverse Studios has acquired exclusive rights to Web3. ready player 1 Franchise into the Metaverse. Although there is limited information on specific details, ready player 1 In Metaverse, the company plans to release it in 2024.

    Genius Ernest Cline ready player 1, and Dan Farrar, producer of the 2018 Warner Bros. film adaptation, have teamed up to form Readyverse Studios.

    Inspired by the vast universes depicted in Ernest Cline's novels and Steven Spielberg's film adaptations, Readyverse Studios aims to build an open metaverse that encompasses multiple worlds and intellectual properties.

    Spielberg's film is represented by Warner Bros., forming the Ladyverse (Image via Pexels)
    Spielberg's film is represented by Warner Bros., forming the Ladyverse (Image via Pexels)

    Co-founded by Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, Futureverse is all about the core principles of the Readyverse open metaverse.

    According to a statement to Variety, these include:

    “Readyverse champions the principles of an open metaverse: provable digital ownership, community-owned infrastructure, decentralization, security, and interoperability.”

    The company wants to make the Open Metaverse a reality for everyone by seamlessly combining technology, storytelling, and interactivity.

    Readyverse Studios and the future of the Metaverse ecosystem

    Readyverse Studios aims to leverage Futureverse's innovative technology to create the most epic Metaverse experiences.

    Ernest Cline expressed his delight in a statement:

    “The future has arrived even faster than I imagined. (…) With Readyverse Studios, we are creating the best possible version of the Metaverse, leveraging the innovative technology that Futureverse has been building for several years. We had the opportunity to make it happen.”

    Klein believes the team is fully capable and has the intelligence and desire to deliver the next era of the future that honors the great legacies left by Wade Watts and James Halliday.

    Their participation in the Metaverse creates new opportunities (Image via Pexels)Their participation in the Metaverse creates new opportunities (Image via Pexels)
    Their participation in the Metaverse creates new opportunities (Image via Pexels)

    Dan Farah believes that Readyverse Studios can unlock new opportunities in the Metaverse, not just for Hollywood studios, but also for talented individuals and brands.

    Farah said:

    “Readyverse Studios will provide exciting new metaverse opportunities for Hollywood studios, talent, and brands, providing consumers with the ability to enjoy the promise of an open metaverse while creating new revenue streams and new revenue streams for brand expansion. It creates a creative outlet.”

    The goal of this project is to devise new ways for people to make money and express themselves creatively, while providing consumers with the exciting experiences promised in the open metaverse.

    Warner Bros. Discovery, in collaboration with Readyverse Studios, brings you amazing characters and amazing worlds. ready player 1 to the metaverse on Web3.

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