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    Telcos are often accused of lagging behind technology and digital services and struggling to innovate, but try saying that to Japanese giant NTT Docomo, which currently hosts online services. want. Open House '24 Exhibition Introducing the latest cutting edge technology and application development.

    The carrier is showing off 31 new technologies, including advances in 5G, 6G technology, Metaverse and other augmented reality (XR) applications, smart city platforms, and, you guessed it, a lot of “world firsts.” Masu. Developing applications based on generative AI (GenAI) capabilities.

    The exhibition will include an introduction from Takaaki Sato, DoCoMo's CTO and executive general manager of the carrier's research and development (R&D) innovation division, and will highlight various “once-in-a-century breakthroughs.” ” is driven by asking basic opening questions. “How can we solve that problem?” and “How can we make the world a better place?”

    He said the GenAI-enabled screen-based chatbot interacts with Docomo's customers using a system the carrier calls “communications AI,” gauging customers' moods and needs and delivering the best customer engagement interactions. I have provided an example of how to do this.

    This is just one of multiple use cases based on GenAI R&D. Others include the development of digital twins of humans, business transformation with evolving language models, predictive healthcare, and the development of his NPCs (non-playable characters) for metaverse environments.

    Regarding the Metaverse environment, DoCoMo has also developed smart glasses for displaying multiple content simultaneously, remote physical interaction technology (including a game of table tennis between remote participants!), and a virtual event platform.

    NTT Docomo has been pouring R&D funds into Metaverse and related developments since announcing the launch of a wholly owned division in 2022. NTT Knokkewhich is tasked with developing hardware and software products for the XR field – see . NTT Docomo is working on the future of the Metaverse.

    In the field of communication networks, Docomo is developing the following:An advanced yet portable simulator that allows you to easily visualize 5G wireless transmission characteristics and the effects of electromagnetic interference in specific industrial environments. This will help accelerate his 5G adoption in multiple industries. End-to-end orchestration, QoS (Quality of Service) visualization and monitoring, and cloud-enabled network slicing using AWS (Amazon Web Services)'s 5G core capabilities. Development of High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) and Undersea Mobile Network Drones. A communication platform that combines high-speed data transmission (over 100 Gbit/s) and AI in the sub-terahertz spectrum band to enable the integration of physical and cyberspace. more.

    And in an example of a world-first application, Docomo is showcasing its “Feel” technology that allows individuals to share their tastes over a wireless connection. reported at the end of last year.

    NTT Docomo will be demonstrating some of these technology advances, along with the latest Open RAN developments, at MWC24 in Barcelona next month (Hall 4, Stand 4E50).

    – Ray Le Maistre, TelecomTV Editorial Director


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