What Is At The Heart Of The Wilder World’s Thriving Metaverse Economy?

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    • Wilder World is a metaverse built on Ethereum and Unreal Engine 5.
    • We offer users various opportunities to earn and spend Wilder World’s native cryptocurrency, Wilder Coin (WILD).

    Wilder World is a unique 5D metaverse created using Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO technology. It goes beyond traditional virtual environments and provides an immersive experience that includes sight, sound, and interaction.

    At the heart of this metaverse is the Liquid NFT Metaverse Marketplace. It’s similar to a regular NFT exchange, but with an innovative twist that allows artists and collectors to create, buy, and trade digital artwork seamlessly.

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    How does Wild World work?

    Created by Zero Tech, Ethereum, and Unreal Engine 5, Wilder World addresses key issues in the NFT and virtual world landscape: liquidity, decentralization, and utility. The goal is to make NFTs more accessible and affordable to a wider audience by breaking them down into smaller pieces.

    Wilder World enhances the overall NFT experience by providing a dynamic and fluid marketplace. Beyond financial innovation, we operate as a fully autonomous and decentralized organization through the Wilder Artists Guild DAO. NFTs on the platform transform into stunning 3D artwork, adding realism to the Metaverse.

    Unreal Engine largely creates Wilder World’s superior aesthetics, providing a realistic and immersive experience. The platform also prioritizes interoperability, allowing users to integrate NFTs from different projects, providing freedom and access to both gaming experiences and marketplaces while using existing assets.

    Wilder World’s NFT Collection

    Wilder World has created a visually stunning NFT collection to provide users with a unique and immersive experience that goes beyond typical in-game assets.

    Introduced in September 2021, the collection includes ready-to-wear NFT sneakers. Chad Knight, his head of Cyber ​​wear at Wilder World, and digital designer Pet Liger collaborated to create these cutting-edge digital fashion items. These sneakers are not bound by cost, material or gravity, each with their unique 1/1 design, allowing the wearer to stand out in special circles.

    • wilder wheel and wilder craft

    These collections feature quantum crafts that allow users to explore the wild world from the sky. Whether you’re flying over a concert or cruising between clubs, these vehicles offer an exhilarating way to navigate the Metaverse.

    Wilder Cribs revolutionizes virtual homes by giving users customization options for their homes, from flooring to building materials. The first release, The Qube, is divided into NFT houses with different features that mimic real-world real estate principles and make it easier for a wider audience to participate.

    Wilder World Tokenomics

    The Wilder World ecosystem relies on WILD tokens, which serve multiple purposes within the platform.

    WILD tokens create unique identities for various entities within Wilder World, including humans, NPCs, assets, objects, and DAOs. These identities are securely recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and the Zero protocol, demonstrating the versatility of the virtual realm.

    Similar to the real world economy, commerce in Wilder World revolves around WILD tokens. WILD tokens must be used to acquire and exchange assets within the Metaverse. The 2% transaction fee on WILD tokens supports the Wilder Nation DAO, promoting self-sufficiency and growth.

    Wilder World’s creative ecosystem includes resource generation. Raw materials are required to create new objects in the metaverse. Citizens collect these resources from the environment. These materials are then refined to produce useful goods, expanding the Wilder Nation’s GDP and increasing the value of WILD tokens.

    The Metaverse functions as a collective, democratic entity governed by its citizens. Wilders is actively shaping the direction of the realm through governance proposals, and it is mandatory for him to own at least one Her WILD token to participate in these decisions.


    Wilder World pioneers the metaverse with innovative technology, liquid NFTs, and decentralized ideals. It’s not just a virtual realm. It’s a collaborative ecosystem for creators and explorers.

    As the future of the Metaverse unfolds, the Wilder World represents endless possibilities driven by creativity and inclusivity.


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