What is Atlas Earth? Is it a Scam?

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    • Atlas Earth is a mobile game that allows you to purchase virtual real estate in the Metaverse, but it exists only in-game and not in other Metaverse apps.
    • Atlas Earth allows you to earn money by renting land in-game, but the returns are very low and it takes a long time to cover the cost of land.
    • Atlas Earth sells Atlas Bucks, which are used to buy properties in-game, and makes money from the ads you watch. However, it limits the number of ads you can watch and may use your location data for profit.

    If you’ve seen an ad for Atlas Earth recently, you may be wondering what it is and how it works. After all, Atlas Earth advertises itself as an app that allows you to earn real money by buying virtual properties.

    This may sound appealing to those interested in the Metaverse, especially those looking to purchase virtual real estate. But what is Atlas Earth and why do so many people say it’s a scam? Be sure to read on, as the results may surprise you.

    What is Atlas Earth?

    Atlas Earth is currently one of the only mobile games where you can buy virtual real estate. Atlas Earth is basically a virtual representation of the world that takes place within the metaverse. Atlas Earth allows him to buy 900 square feet of land at once.

    The more land you collect, the higher your ranking. You can be mayor, governor or even president. Atlas Earth moves with you, so when you do, you can discover new parcels of land, see if anyone owns land around you, and more.

    However, it’s important to note that this virtual real estate exists only in Atlas Earth and does not apply to other metaverse apps.

    Can I make money with Atlas Earth?

    Atlas Earth promises to make money by renting out land in-game. Atlas Earth he pays every second. This may seem high, but at such low wages, a common land would earn less than 10 cents a year.

    Also, a $5 balance is required to cash in Atlas Earth. That means you’ll have to hold onto the land (or buy more) longer to get your money back. You can cash it out for $1 if you use it to buy more land.

    This means that the money you make will not cover the price of the land until you own it for about 50 years.

    Even if you have a lot of land, you won’t make a profit unless the game spreads explosively. At this point, increased popularity will allow you to sell your land at a significant price increase. However, this may never happen. As time goes on, Atlas Earth seems to be getting less popular.

    There are other money-making opportunities in the metaverse, and sticking with popular companies like Facebook could become commonplace. However, Apple has no plans to follow Facebook into the metaverse.

    How does Atlas Earth make money?

    Atlas Earth makes money by selling Atlas Bucks, which are used to purchase in-game properties. 100 Atlas Backs cost about $5 and buy 1 parcel of land. And the more Atlas Bucks you buy, the cheaper it gets.

    Atlas Backpack from Atlas Earth

    You can also earn 2 free Atlas Bucks for watching ads. Atlas Earth makes money from these ads and gives you a portion of the proceeds. However, to fund one parcel of land, you need to watch 50 ads. Atlas Earth is limited to 1 ad every 20 minutes.

    Atlas Earth may also benefit from the data generated from you. After all, Atlas Earth requires location settings to use the app to generate more maps while you’re on the move. This data may be sold to developers looking to extend the metaverse.

    When it comes to virtual lands, the metaverse offers huge benefits. After all, one virtual land sold for his $2.4 million. However, this was in the more popular app, not Atlas Earth.

    Is Atlas Earth a Scam?

    If you want to make quick and easy money, Atlas Earth is not worth it. And you should take the ads with a grain of salt when they advertise that your app can make you money.

    If you’re looking for a fun game to step into the Metaverse, Atlas Earth might just be for you. However, there is nothing you can do unless you actually try to buy the land. Participating in the game also requires frequent movement.

    For this reason, Atlas Earth may not generate enough popularity to become one of the major players in the metaverse. In other words, the land you bought is worthless.

    However, the bright side is that as the metaverse continues to grow, more capable iOS apps will become available in the future.


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