What is Facebook Protect? Here’s why you may be forced to turn it on

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    When I logged into Facebook, I was greeted with an unsettling notification that said, “You have three days to turn on Facebook Protect,” threatening to lock you out of your account if you don’t turn it on. So I wondered what Facebook Protect is and what the notifications are about. This is my discovery.

    Facebook Protect provides an additional layer of protection for users whose accounts are higher risk or more vulnerable to hacking, especially for government officials such as federal, state, and local candidates and elected officials. It was launched in 2019 to provide.

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    Then, in 2021, Facebook Protect was extended to users who are often targeted by malicious actors, such as journalists and human rights defenders.

    If Facebook determines you’re eligible for this extra layer of protection, you’ll receive an alert via an in-app notification or email. To ensure that an email threatening to lock you out of your account is not a phishing attack, verify that you are the sender of the email.

    Fortunately, no action is required on your part if you do not receive a notification. However, if you are selected like me, you have 14 days to switch. If you don’t switch, you’ll be locked out of your Facebook account until you switch.

    The purpose of mandating the switch to Facebook Protect is to protect accounts in highly targeted communities that may not be able to take extra precautions to further protect their accounts.

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    What does Facebook Protect do anyway? All it does is simplify and mandate the process of adopting stronger passwords and enrolling in two-factor authentication. These are two steps all users must take to secure their accounts.

    Only eligible users can click on their profile picture in the top right corner and[設定とプライバシー]>[設定]>[セキュリティとログイン]>[Facebook プロテクト]>[始める]You can activate Facebook Protect by selecting .

    All other users interested in protecting their accounts should:[セキュリティとログイン設定]>[2 要素認証の使用]>[編集]You can turn on two-factor notifications by going to , and clicking the security method you want to add.


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