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    In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced his vision for the Metaverse. The tech giant promised this groundbreaking project would be the successor to the mobile internet. In changing his company's name from Facebook to Meta, Zuckerberg said, “The hallmark of the Metaverse is immersion,” demonstrating his commitment to his vision. According to him, “feeling truly present with other people” is his technology's ultimate dream and a key concept at the heart of the Metaverse.

    To achieve this, the company plans to enable the public to live in a series of digital environments for a variety of purposes, including attending work meetings, socializing, learning, shopping, and gaming. But in 2024, Zuckerberg's utopian vision appears to be in trouble as the public interest shifts from virtual and augmented reality to artificial intelligence. So, what is the current state of the Metaverse, and what can we expect in the near future?

    Renovate the world of Horizons

    Horizon Worlds, Meta's take into the realm of social VR, aims to revolutionize social interaction by providing users with a network where they can create personalized avatars and interact with others. It was. Although Horizon Worlds is positioned as the company's flagship game, it faced several challenges that hindered its success. Mixed reviews have surfaced, highlighting issues such as bugs and an unappealing environment that detract from the overall user experience.

    Despite its initial ambitions, the user base also struggled to gain traction, with user numbers below. 200,000 monthly players A recent study by YouTuber Jarvis Johnson revealed that the platform's fewer than 1,000 daily English-speaking users are declining even further.

    However, Meta remains committed to revitalizing Horizon Worlds and will invest in an overhaul of the VR platform's infrastructure in late 2023. He also founded his own studio, Ouro Interactive, which focuses on producing first-party VR games for him.

    From online casinos to popular video games

    Four years after the release of Meta's Oculus Quest headset, Meta Quest's content library has expanded significantly to include Horizon Worlds as well as an array of video games, apps, and online casinos.

    For example, iGaming, a group of activities that includes sports betting, online casinos, and esports on the Internet, has quickly grown into a millionaire industry due to the proliferation and advancement of technology. Leveraging its popularity, Meta allows users to: Try the new Metaverse casino experience today. This is essentially an app or game that offers players the opportunity to immerse themselves in a realistic casino environment and interact with others without leaving their home.

    Meta has also added a series of VR games linked to popular IPs. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, Resident Evil 4 VR, Assassin's Creed Nexus, Iron Man VRand Among Us VR. The warm reception of these and other titles has led the company to continue expanding its catalog, with new titles expected to be released in the coming months.

    Apple Vision Pro and other competitors

    Another obstacle facing Zuckerberg's Metaverse initiative is the emergence of powerful competitors. Announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2023, Apple Vision Pro costs $3,499 and aims to redefine mixed reality. Not classified as traditional AR or VR, the headset introduces innovative control methods such as eye tracking, voice commands, and intuitive gestures. Users will be able to see all apps displayed on the virtual screen and capture photos and videos in 3D.

    Google is reportedly collaborating with Samsung to develop an AR headset that will be released in the summer of 2024, but further details are unknown.

    It's unclear how Meta will respond to its competitors. However, the rumored Meta Quest 4 Pro is expected to be the company's advanced VR headset, featuring a powerful processor, micro-OLED display, higher resolution, and improved comfort. Media reports have suggested a collaboration with LG for the Quest 4 Pro, which could incorporate micro-OLED display technology similar to the Apple Vision Pro.

    We are also working on meta flamerais an upcoming mixed reality headset that features “light field pass-through” technology. Through a grid of strategically placed apertures between the camera and sensor, it achieves optimal light capture, accurately recreates your surroundings, and records distance and movement as you shift your gaze.

    In conclusion, while Zuckerberg's Metaverse vision has faced obstacles such as the lukewarm reception of World Horizons, the company continues to redouble its efforts through MetaQuest's various apps and games. There is. The company is also focusing on developing headsets and technology to stay relevant in the market, following in the footsteps of competitors such as Apple Vision Pro.


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