‘What Worked For Millennials Won’t For Gen Z’ Nikhil Kamath Unpacks Zerodha, Life And More

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    It wasn’t a bad year.”

    Zerodha’s billionaire founder starts off on a pretty positive note. Nikhil Kamath is in his mid-30s and lives the same routine as he has for the last 20 years. It may look boring to those less interested in trading, but Maverick lives a life off the edge.

    Nikhil Kamath, a school dropout whose first job was in a call center, didn’t have a flashy degree or generational wealth. Rooted in several philosophies and values ​​that he adheres to. So he’s very cautiously optimistic about the present (and the future) and has no regrets about the past.The camera-shy entrepreneur has a lot to say about his life, career, business and philosophy. I’ll show you how I figured it out.

    About millennials and Gen Z

    What worked for us millennials will not work for Gen Z. ”

    Nikhil said we millennials lived in a rapidly growing world. Interest rates were near zero. Really cheap money was poured in to fund the sprawling stocks. The Zerodha founder says nothing is available for Gen Z and beyond.

    About entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship was good in one era.”

    But now, the next generation has different problems that require different ways of solving them. Similarly, building a business is done differently. Sticking to convention doesn’t cut it.

    About leadership

    I don’t like managing people or having people report me. ”

    Quite shy and speaks the volume of a low-key, no-nonsense boss. You have a team for everything, people with specific skill sets that make your job a lot easier. And these are the people her Nikhil relies on.

    Nikhil Kamath talked about working from home, Marwadi’s entrepreneurship, Zerodha, success, portfolio, his net worth, Bill Gates, philanthropy, Metaverse, real estate, money, inflation cycles and more. You don’t want the Mashable conversation to end. you have been warned enough.

    Check out the full interview below-

    A few more gems from our conversation with Kamas before we depart

    We are all flawed in many ways

    Problems begin when you believe you have no flaws

    The worst days in life are when we feel like we know it all

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