Who owns metaverse and its data in future?

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    As the virtual world expanded and attracted more and more users, many asked about the intentions of the Metaverse. Who is the Metaverse owner? Meta’s creative CEO? Or do you have more stories? Ever since the first Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, told the world about his meta dream, the metaverse has become a big buzzword. Zuckerberg has announced plans for an immersive experience and a virtual world with his 3D avatar. In his view, the Metaverse attracts large numbers of users to create virtual versions of themselves and their worlds, spending almost every aspect of their lives. To make his dream come true, Zuckerberg even renamed it Meta.

    What is the Metaverse? The term was first coined by Neal Stephenson in his science fiction novel Snow Crash in 1992. Since then, the term Metaverse has been found in other novels and used in several games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite. Thanks to the development of digital technology, the Metaverse has found more use cases in the digital world, making virtual concerts and conferences more commonplace.

    If you’re also wondering about valid metaverse owners, keep reading the article to finally find the answer to this obscure question. To do that, we first need to light up the entire content of the metaverse.

    Who actually owns the Metaverse?!

    Who owns the Metaverse? You need to know everything! 8

    The Metaverse has been around since 2003 when Linden Lab launched the first virtual world, Second Life. However, the Metaverse has become a real hit in his 2020 and has been heavily touted in recent years. Popular metaverses such as Decentraland and Roblox are currently entertaining users. Still, many argue that a full-fledged metaverse is still on the way.

    To fully answer the question, “Who owns the metaverse?”, I will present a very common example: the Internet. You may already be searching for names that own the internet. However, in a legal sense, no company or individual claims ownership of the Internet. But in reality, some names and tech giants seem to have an undeniable impact on Internet access, content, and development.

    World’s Top Metabreath Company

    World's Top Metabreath Company
    Who owns the Metaverse? You need to know everything! 9

    As mentioned earlier, the Metaverse is the next evolution of the Internet, and there are also questions about its owner or owners. Like the Internet, powerful technology companies could follow the development of the Metaverse. Technology companies like Meta and Microsoft are investing in technology to make it accessible and fully immersive for everyone.

    Other technology companies such as Roblox and Minecraft are already testing the opportunities virtual worlds offer in shared 3D spaces and experiences. Some of the most significant changes the Metaverse will bring to the digital world are the ability to virtually interact with others and establish virtual markets for economies and digital goods.

    Other giants like Amazon have also announced plans to explore the metaverse and build their own digital metaverse.

    As the number of major technology companies investing in the Metaverse grows, there is growing debate about whether individuals or companies can or should own the Metaverse. We also need to consider whether such ownership may control those who build and use virtual spaces, virtual technologies, or metaverses. Others challenge ownership of what can be done in the Metaverse, whether individuals or companies own how users work, play, etc.

    Since the metaverse concept is still new and not fully developed, all metaverse enthusiasts and investors are eager to see what the future holds.

    Can the metaverse be owned by the community?

    Can the metaverse be owned by the community?
    Who owns the Metaverse? You need to know everything! Ten

    To answer the question, “Who owns the Metaverse?”, we should know the relationship between the Metaverse and the community. Metaverse does its best to improve the level of interaction between users. We aim to provide a virtual world where people can create their own communities and communicate what they love in a more fun and attractive way. Communities are therefore considered to be provided by the metaverse.

    The Metaverse is shown to focus on ‘community first’ rather than ‘company first’. The metaverse community is decentralized and community-controlled. This means that designs can be put to a vote and the highest number of votes from the community will ultimately be accepted to make the final decision in the metaverse.

    To achieve its goals, the Metaverse has created a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as a legal structure to certify that there is no central authority for its activities. DAO members share a common goal of acting in the interests of the Metaverse. DAOs rely on smart contracts dedicated to making decisions based on underlying activity on the blockchain. Therefore, DAO members can vote on various activities in the Metaverse, such as increasing the circulating supply, burning a certain amount of reserve tokens, or taking action on existing token holders.

    The Metaverse will use the DAO to increase the participation of token holders and players in promotion. This allows us to inspire our clients to form communities and build new universes to interact with and feel a sense of belonging. Decentraland is a great example of a metaverse running on DAOs and community ownership. This may reveal the acceptance and success of some metaverses and the failure of others.

    Does the metaverse require an owner?

    Does the metaverse require an owner?
    Who owns the Metaverse? You need to know everything! 11

    The digital world is full of examples of new technologies impacting people’s lives in many ways, from the internet to smartphones to social media. Whenever people broadly embrace a new technology, experts always express concern about its potential adverse effects on society.

    But who owns the metaverse? Both tech companies and metaverse users will have to wait a little longer to see how the population responds to the metaverse experience and achievements.

    The Metaverse is no exception among all other modern technologies. Many believe there should be a leader in the virtual world to address concerns or turn them into motivation for improvement. However, some refer to the nature of the Metaverse, declaring that it has a creative and shared nature that gives users the opportunity to create their own dream worlds and should never be limited.

    Who will own the metaverse data in the future?

    Who will own the metaverse data in the future?
    Who owns the Metaverse? You need to know everything! 12

    The Metaverse is designed to be open in its basic design. The Metaverse is intended to be decentralized so that it cannot be controlled by a single individual, corporation, or government. The metaverse therefore constitutes value for the user rather than the platform itself.

    Decentralization, a core feature of the Metaverse, requires users to own their digital assets and have the right to protect the data associated with them. If you’re still not sure, the requirements fully explain non-fungible tokens or NFTs. We already know that all digital assets available in the metaverse exist on the blockchain, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs. As a result, the data of assets and their owners cannot be changed due to the unique functionality provided by blockchain technology. Metaverse users can thus possess identities for interacting with the virtual world without restrictions or centralized data collection.

    Given the aforementioned potential for community ownership in the metaverse, data ownership also appears to be decentralized. This allows Metaverse users to invest in the Metaverse and grow their assets faster.

    How will ownership affect the future of the metaverse?

    How will ownership affect the future of the metaverse?
    Who owns the Metaverse? You need to know everything! 13

    The Internet exists worldwide because no one owns it. The basic protocol of the Internet was designed to be open to everyone, and various companies have successfully used it to not only meet the demands of their users, but to generate billions of dollars for their users. ready to provide the service.

    But who owns the Metaverse? In this respect, the Metaverse seems very similar to the Internet. The largest technology companies have invested extensively in the metaverse as part of getting a big return on their investment. They are looking at the Metaverse’s decentralized capabilities to engage more users into an open, productive, fun and ultimately satisfying experience, and to make more money from the services they provide to Metaverse clients. to be able to

    So it seems like the Metaverse works well with decentralization and the DAO community to keep the platform innovative and, as a result, stuck in human life for a long time, if not forever.

    Metaverse Owner FAQ

    What company owns the metaverse and who owns it?

    A large metaverse world cannot be owned and managed by one company. Companies like Meta can only be part of the metaverse, not owners.

    Who Created the Metaverse?

    Neil Stevenson was the first to coin the term Metaverse. That said, the Metaverse later flourished in some of his early Metaverse games.

    What is the largest metaverse?

    The largest metaverses include NFT World, Decentraland and Roblox.

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