Why a top Fortnite Creative studio sees opportunity in Roblox

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    For now, Roblox remains the most effective entry point into the metaverse for brands. Atlas Creative, a leading Fortnite studio, has taken notice and today announced a strategic expansion into Roblox.

    To lead its expansion into Roblox, Atlas Creative has hired Alex Graham-Watson as director of Roblox strategy. The move highlights Roblox's central role in the metaversal brand ecosystem and how brands are exploring activations across multiple platforms to reach consumers within the virtual space. It shows whether there are any.

    “We've had a lot of partners ask us questions about Roblox, and we've gotten questions about Minecraft as well. Geppetto It’s a huge conversation starter at this point,” said Atlas Creative CEO Michael Helliger. “We thought Roblox was one of the best places for the brand at this time.”

    Helliger said he expects more Fortnite studios to join Roblox in 2024, and it's clear why they would be interested. They're just chasing the money. Despite Epic Games' efforts to make Fortnite and Unreal Engine more accessible to brands, Roblox still has a much more developed brand ecosystem than competing platforms in the Metaverse space. Roblox users are accustomed to spending time within a branded world, and the company has formed initiatives such as the Partners program that welcomes brands and marketers.

    Atlas Creative's new Roblox division will be led by Graham-Watson, who previously served as partnership lead at Roblox studio Supersocial. The brand will help build immersive worlds and one-time activations within Roblox, much like Atlas Creative already does with brands like iHeartRadio, Ax Body Spray, and the NBA within Fortnite. to expand the company's potential customer pool.

    Typically, there are anywhere from five to approximately 20 brand integrations within Fortnite throughout each season of the game. So far, over 240 brands have been activated on Roblox.

    “I don’t think Fortnite is currently designed to have successful brand activations in the same way that Roblox is. The way Discovery works now and the audience that is currently in Fortnite, I don’t think it’s designed for successful brand activations in the same way that Roblox is. is not set up for success,” said Margot Rodde, founder of Fortnite creative studio Creators Corp. I'm surprised that a group like Atlas is trying to expand with Roblox. Because I think that's the only way they can expand their business. ”

    For Atlas Creative, expanding into Roblox is more than just an effort to scale. The company believes that leveraging multiple Metaverse platforms offers tangible benefits, such as allowing brands to collaborate and operate in multiple virtual worlds simultaneously.

    “Fortnite thinks about aging and Roblox thinks about aging, so we'd love to see a scenario where those experiences and maps exist on both platforms at the same time,” Graham-Watson said. “That's what sets us apart from some other studios: being able to think a little more holistically about how we want to serve different audiences for Roblox and Fortnite.”

    If Epic Games really wants to convince more marketers to spend money within the Fortnite ecosystem, the company has a vibrant brand ecosystem with a number of studios working with brands to design virtual spaces. It is essential to maintain the

    Helliger highlighted Roblox's partner program as another area of ​​interest in Atlas Creative's expansion into Roblox. So far, Epic Games doesn't have a corresponding program of its own, which could make things even more confusing for companies like Atlas.

    “Brand activation is essentially an agency model. There's not a lot of scalability like there is in Fortnite,” Rodde said. “Roblox is scalable because it is set up to allow you to build and sell digital assets.”


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