Why Are Brands Abandoning The Metaverse?

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    • Meta's investments in the Metaverse have not been as successful as expected.
    • Mainstream skepticism questions this concept.
    • Restarting the metaverse provides an opportunity for re-engagement.

    Oddly enough, Meta's stock price seems to be moving inversely to Metaverse investments. More recently, the company has rebounded from pandemic lows as Mr. Zuckerberg bowed to investor demands and shifted the company's focus away from the tumultuous Metaverse. Zuckerberg's reliance on the brand name and potential misjudgment of Metaverse's target audience led the mainstream to largely reject the concept, making the gamble a failed gamble.

    missed the mark

    In its current state, the Metaverse is not fit for purpose. But in those early days, the Metaverse was rightly branded as “the future,” and many were curious and excited to see how this next big thing would unfold.

    audience gap

    First, Meta is not a platform for gamers. Facebook's user base isn't known for being the most tech-savvy crowd. It's made to look like a yearbook, and while some were early adopters during their college days, Facebook's most avid users are currently not candidates for adopting the virtual environment. This generation doesn't want a virtual world to relive their memories.

    Metaverse challenge

    The problem with the metaverse is that there's nothing you can do about it. It's one of those things, it's an opportunity. Metatrends became fads and later turned into proverbs when this promise did not come true. But that doesn't mean the idea isn't great or can't captivate people again.

    Cryptocurrency comparison

    Consider cryptocurrencies. We've gone through a cycle of jokes, but the most interesting developments occurred during times of turmoil. When the clutter burns out, it's an even more interesting time to invest for serious builders and businessmen.

    Rethinking the Metaverse

    The territory Zuckerberg began exploring several years ago has changed dramatically. But he was unprepared to explore it, used the wrong tools, adopted the wrong perspective, and tried to privatize it, putting profits and investor dividends first.

    Although the development of the Metaverse leaves much to be desired, the idea remains promising. Brands may be hesitant to invest resources in uncharted territory with no guaranteed return. But with the right technology, resources, and vision, you might be able to launch a new civilization.

    Loubet's approach

    In the field of online entertainment, Roobet is at the forefront of pioneering the future of the Metaverse. With an unwavering belief in the transformative power of innovation, Loubet fearlessly moves into uncharted territory. Their belief in fusing technology and entertainment to explore new dimensions of the human experience sets them apart.

    Roobet's bold approach embodies a spirit of experimentation, pushing the boundaries of the ever-evolving metaverse landscape. Although the Metaverse's final destination remains uncertain, Loubet's commitment to pushing the envelope promises to make the journey fascinating and transformative.


    The concept of the metaverse has seen some skepticism and changes in direction, especially with the work of Meta. The misalignment with mainstream audiences and the lack of engaging activities give the impression of unfulfilled promises. However, the possibility of a metaverse has not disappeared yet.

    At Roobet, we are focused on leveraging technology and expertise to breathe new life into the Metaverse. While mass adoption remains uncertain, the belief that entertainment thrives on innovation continues its momentum. In an environment of pioneers and disruptors, embracing the unknown is a sign of progress.


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