Will Apple’s New Headset Be the Metaverse’s iPhone Moment?

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    On June 5th, Apple will unveil what could be the company’s most important product in over a decade. It’s a mixed-reality headset that, in theory, could lay the foundation for a smartphone successor. At least, if all the rumors swirling are proven. truth. What started as a whisper about a product announcement, after years of anticipation and delays, has solidified into confident coverage by Apple watchers that it will be announced at the company’s annual developer conference next week.

    The arrival of new devices will undoubtedly shape expectations about the so-called Metaverse. The vague term generally refers to his 3D extension of the internet, which encompasses virtual and augmented reality, overlaying digital elements on the physical world. Rather than dwelling on the clunky, niche experiences that VR and AR offer today, the fashion industry has been watching to see if this speculative vision of the future can come to fruition and become the primary way consumers get online. rice field. Influence the fate of the fashion world by transforming the way consumers shop just like they did on mobile devices and opening up new markets for digital goods such as AR clothing that can exist beyond apps and social media. may give.

    Proponents of mixed reality technology believe smart glasses or some form of easily wearable face computer will be the key to making mixed reality technology mainstream. Apple’s track record in developing consumer blockbusters such as his iPod and iPhone suggests that Apple could be the company to develop it. However, there are high hurdles to overcome. It still takes a technological leap to fit the components of such devices into something as small as eyeglasses. Rather than a lightweight frame, Apple’s headset is said to resemble ski goggles with a separate battery pack that users can carry in their pocket. The price is also expected to be around $3,000, which is several times the launch price of the iPod or iPhone.past investors don’t seem impressed That’s because analysts are forecasting only a small amount of sales.

    If the rumor is all it takes and Apple delays again, that in itself speaks volumes about the challenges of making this vision a reality. Companies have been trying for years to create commercial hits in this space, with tech giants like Microsoft (HoloLens) and Google (Glass) and upstarts like Magic Leap all trying and failing. . Meta’s Oculus may be the best attempt yet, but it’s still a long way from what the iPhone is to smartphones: the version everyone’s convinced they need. Humane, founded by two former Apple employees, aims to do away with screens of any kind, but has yet to announce a viable product.

    “As we observe the situation, [extended reality] It’s safe to say that in 2023, this technology has proven more difficult than many of the most savvy and financially privileged companies expected,” said The Metaverse: And Matthew Ball, author of How It Will Revolutionize Everything, said: January blog post.

    Hardware is only part of the equation. Smartphones have combined functions that are already part of our daily lives, such as making calls, taking pictures, listening to music, and accessing the Internet, into one convenient package, while others such as maps have become indispensable. I also added an app for It’s unclear how the headset reproduces this formula. While Apple will reportedly make many of its most popular apps available on its headsets, it will also develop apps for fitness, gaming, and entertainment, but consumers still feel that the whole package is a phone. You have to find enough appeal to choose to wear the device on your head rather than just pick it up.

    How they react to Apple’s rumored headset will reveal a lot about the potential of mixed reality in the near future, or at least until the technology catches up to its ambitions. The fashion industry will find out if it’s the next iPhone or the next Apple Watch. It’s a big moneymaker for Apple, but it’s far from transformative.

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