Will Women Be Safe In The Metaverse?

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    The hype surrounding the development of the Metaverse, an immersive digital space that brings real-world experiences online and blurs the line between physical and virtual, is palpable. Accounting organization KPMG predicts that by 2030, we could spend more time in the metaverse than in the real world. A survey conducted by Pew Research and Elon University in North Carolina found that more than half of technology experts believe that by 2040, the Metaverse will be fully immersive and successful in the daily lives of 500 million people. (or more) around the world said they expected it.

    But for many, excitement about the world's digital future is one that should be approached with caution. Women in particular are known to experience gender-based violence in the form of online harassment. A survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 85% of women had experienced or witnessed online violence, 38% of women reported personal experience of online violence, and 65% had been targeted online reported knowing women.


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