Winter Olympics and WWE available in VR and MR

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    Virtual reality has changed the world of entertainment, and it’s not just limited to video games.

    Thanks to things like 360-degree cameras, virtual reality has taken root in live sporting events. At this year’s Winter Olympics, people will be able to watch the world’s leading athletes compete in VR. Eurosport will capture the entire event in VR, using apps available for Android, iOS, Gear VR, Daydream and Windows Mixed Reality.

    Interestingly, this is not the only sports-related VR announcement to be announced recently. Next VR, An Oculus/Samsung partnered service for watching sports. With cameras embedded in and around the ring, it enables an immersive experience not possible otherwise.

    Unfortunately there are some catches. WWE will only run six of his 10-minute episodes of WWE VR this year. NextVR users can receive these episodes for free, but they’re not live and more like highlight reels than full-blown WWE nights. Luckily, the company appears to offer a full-fledged live sports experience, including his NBA and NFL games.

    For the time being, HTC Vive users are excluded from both of the above perks, but as virtual reality continues to permeate the mainstream world of entertainment, we’re likely to see more experiences across platforms and headsets. It is expected.


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