WOLF Launches WOLF Virtual Reality for Middle Eastern Audiences

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    British social networking app WOLF has introduced WOLF Virtual Reality (VR), the first virtual reality experience for audiences in the Middle East. This is the first time an Arabic audio entertainment app has developed a VR service. Initially available on the Meta Quest 2 headset, WOLF VR aims to bring the same camaraderie, entertainment and engagement experiences found in WOLF’s mobile he app to virtual reality.

    Since its launch in 2020, WOLF has gained over 3 million users from the Middle East, establishing itself as one of the largest online communities in the Arabic-speaking market. The purpose of this app is to provide a platform for community engagement and entertainment for viewers who may not have the freedom to interact as broadly as other regions in the real world.

    The VR launch coincided with WOLF’s decision to change the app’s name in the Middle East to WOLF Qanawat, which means ‘channel’ in Arabic. The move reflects the app’s commitment to providing high-quality audio broadcasts, live chat, and a fun content-creating community.

    WOLF CEO Gary Knight expressed excitement over the brand’s development. He highlighted how new technology has enabled tens of thousands of users to interact in real time while enjoying live events on his WOLF’s unique stage within the channel. The app’s combination of high-quality audio broadcasts, live chat, and engaging content encourages users to spend an average of two hours per day on the platform, with some spending an average of $150 each month.

    Knight emphasized that the introduction of VR is just the beginning of a new chapter for WOLF. As advances in artificial intelligence continue, the company plans to incorporate these technologies into its platform to further enhance the daily online community experience of millions of Arabic consumers in the future. The brand looks forward to future developments.

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