World Boxing Council To Organize Fight In The Metaverse

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    The World Boxing Council (WBC) has confirmed this year that it will have its first fights in the Metaverse, a new virtual dimension that is revolutionizing the world of sports.

    WBC President Mauricio Suleyman explained in an exclusive interview with MARRCA MX that the event will be a unique experience for boxing fans. their home. ..

    “It’s about building the stadium and the experience. Each person becomes an avatar. You can have a person next to you, a real gym boxing match is going on, but thousands and millions of people trying to have their own unique experience, that’s what I understand It didn’t, it took time, social networks made sports and completely revolutionized the way society works, but you have to adapt or die.

    The Metaverse allows users to create their own avatar and personalize their experience. They can walk the halls, go to the locker room, take a seat or watch the fight in the virtual gym. Because it can be expanded, it also provides an opportunity for your business and revenue to grow in the world of sports.

    This isn’t the first time in the world of boxing that the sport has explored the potential of the metaverse. In November 2022, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. had his first fight in this virtual space in an exhibition fight with YouTuber boxer Daisy Olatunzi. The game was broadcast live and tickets were $15. Prior to this fight, his two former UFC fighters also met in the Metaverse in February 2022. Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs. Max Holloway.

    “The first-ever boxing event to be broadcast on the MVB Worlds Metaverse will be an exhibition match between Floyd Mayweather and Daisy Oratanji. #Mayweather Daisy.

    Streaming boxing matches on the Metaverse allows users to experience the excitement of the sport in an immersive virtual environment. Users can join virtual spectators to watch matches in real time, interact with other spectators and share their reactions in real time.

    Additionally, broadcasting in the Metaverse may bring other benefits as it allows for greater interaction with the boxer himself, who can appear in the virtual environment to conduct interviews and answer questions in real time. may also offer new ways to view the action, such as custom camera angles, special effects, and 3D or virtual reality broadcasts.

    Despite a rocky start to the year, it cannot be ignored that the Metaverse still faces some challenges in its development. Meta (formerly Facebook), a leading company in this technology, has invested about $36 billion in its development, but by 2022 he will lose $13.7 billion and lay off his 13% of employees. Have to.

    Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg is more interested in artificial intelligence than the Metaverse. Despite these challenges, the Metaverse presents great opportunities for the worlds of sports and business looking to innovate and expand their reach.

    Being able to create unique fan experiences and offer new products and services in the metaverse is an opportunity not to be missed. Boxing is one of many sports that can take advantage of this new virtual dimension to provide unique experiences for fans and grow your business.


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