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    Apple has announced the availability of new software and tools that will enable developers to build apps for the upcoming Apple Vision Pro.

    According to Apple’s blog, Apple released its software development kit (SDK) on the 21st.cent It was announced in June following the announcement of the Vision Pro, which will be available later next year.

    Another tool included in the SDK is the VisionOS simulator that developers use to test different layouts and lighting during development.

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    Developers will have access to the company’s accessibility tools to ensure their VisionOS applications are suitable for all users.

    According to Apple, the VisionOS software development kit (SDK) “enables Apple’s developer community to bring apps to life in ways never before possible.”

    according to tech crunchApple’s release of the SDK ahead of the product launch early next year is aimed at building excitement for the Vision Pro, which didn’t get as much attention as expected when it was unveiled at WWDC earlier this month. This move could ensure that when the product hits the market, there will be a plethora of applications for users to explore.

    “Developers can start building VisionOS apps using the powerful frameworks they already know and use new and innovative tools and technologies like Reality Composer Pro to further develop and deliver We can design a whole new experience.” Said Susan Prescott, Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations.

    “By harnessing the space around our users, spatial computing opens up new opportunities for developers, enabling us to imagine new ways for our users to connect, be more productive and enjoy new types of entertainment. ‘ added Prescott.

    “I can’t wait to see our developer community make their dreams come true.”

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    Creation of new experiences

    Developed on the same underlying frameworks used by Apple, including Xcode, SwiftUI, RealityKit, ARKit, and TestFlight, developers can work with VisionPro to create new experiences that work well.

    “These tools enable developers to create new types of immersive apps, such as windows that have depth and can display 3D content. It’s a space that allows users to be fully immersed in an environment with content,” Apple said in a blog post.

    Reality Composer Pro added to Xcode enables developers to create and preview 3D models, animations, images, and sounds before using them in VisionPro.

    according to McRumorsThere are dozens of environments to choose from, including , Joshua Tree, Mount Hood, and even the Moon.

    Apple has also created a Travel Mode that you can use while you’re on an airplane. Visual search function You will be able to recognize objects around you, copy printed text from the real world, and translate languages ​​in real time.

    Limited access to select cities

    Apple will open developer lab access to developers in select cities of Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo, offering hands-on app testing and support from Apple engineers.

    The company also added that developers will be able to apply for a developer kit that will allow them to build, iterate and test directly on the Apple Vision Pro.

    “Starting next month, developers who have been using Unity’s robust authoring tools to build 3D apps and games will be able to port their Unity apps to Apple Vision Pro and take full advantage of its powerful features. ,” said Apple.

    The company says developers who have already previewed the VisionOS SDK and IPS are enthusiastic about the product.


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