Worldline Expands Its Services In The Spatial Metaverse

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    As more people prefer to shop online, more businesses are adopting the Metaverse. The latest company to announce its entry into the digital world is Worldline.

    A French company has revealed that it is capitalizing on the latest trends in shopping. world line Tuesday Metaverse Shopping Hub. The venture is in partnership with Spatial, which provides an e-commerce platform for merchants to showcase their products and engage with customers.

    Benefits for businesses and customers

    Metaverse Hub benefits businesses with its high graphic quality. This allows users to better understand the products being sold online and reduces the tendency for buyer remorse.

    Moreover, it also offers cross-compatibility with various devices. Apart from the usual mobile and desktop functionality, the platform allows users to shop using virtual reality (VR) glasses.

    Additionally, Worldline's Metaverse network unlocks 150 secure payment systems for users. These include payment methods for transactions using digital wallets, mobile payments, debit/credit cards, and 'buy now, pay later' schemes. Payone, a joint venture between the company and the German Savings Bank Association, will be responsible for rolling out the Metaverse solution in Germany and Austria by the next quarter.

    Additionally, Metaverse allows sellers to expand their presence and reach more customers. This feature allows you to have a more personal interaction with your target buyers.

    World line expansion spatial follows the launch of Metaverse Shopping Mall in Decentraland earlier this year.

    official statement

    “Understanding the transformative nature of gaming's impact on the digital world, Season 2 within Spatial offers new ways to engage customers that support existing intuitive behaviors in digital environments,” Worldline said in a press release. Ta. “For example, merchants can encourage users to participate in virtual scavenger hunts and allow them to collect digital eggs in exchange for NFT rewards on community cards.”

    As Worldline Metaverse expert Sasha Munger said in a past interview: Pimunto The Metaverse needs convenient and secure payment methods similar to those in the real world. The new Metaverse Shopping Hub combines both traditional and innovative payment methods to suit the needs and preferences of individual users.

    bullish outlook

    Worldline's research note reflects an optimistic outlook regarding the integration of e-commerce into the metaverse. The company predicts that in this emerging niche he is expected to grow by $2.6 trillion by the end of 2030.


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