Would You Try This Virtual Reality-Based Home Workout?

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    People have been training at home for decades,virtual reality It might even take your at-home exercise to a new level.

    Valkyrie Industries has created a home workout unlike any DVD or VHS tape you’ve ever seen.

    “We are tailoring this to the new and current generation of humans glued to screens,” CEO Kourosh Atefipour told CBS News. “Just because a workout is virtual doesn’t mean it will produce results.”

    This workout is what the video game generation wants out of the gym. virtual reality Headset and electrical muscle stimulation.

    Armbands send EMS pulses to your biceps and triceps, giving your body the same response as lifting weights.

    “The sensations you get from these are resistance, load, fatigue and heaviness up to a certain level, but they are designed to be more strengthening, toning and conditioning,” said Atefipour.

    The more vigorously a person exercises, the more resistance they feel.

    “It basically interacts with your muscles to produce the same electrical impulses your brain senses when you’re holding a cup, mug, water bottle, or dumbbell,” says Atefipour.

    Miss the feeling of working out with others? Users can attend virtual classes in the metaverse.

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