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X Hunts for Content Moderators After Taylor Swift Chaos

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X is headhunting content moderators who work on child sexual exploitation and other explicit content after an AI-generated X-rated image of Taylor Swift went viral on the platform.

The social media company plans to hire 100 full-time employees to combat the prevalence of deepfake content currently rampant not only on X but across social media platforms.

Trust and Safety Center

The Elon Musk-owned company is also currently considering developing a “center of trust and safety” in Austin, Texas, with additional staff. Here, agents are responsible for reviewing content according to regulations. Company safety regulations.

The move also comes as social media platforms have become increasingly used by bad actors to perpetrate violence, racism, fraud, and child sexual exploitation.

“While X does not have a child-focused line of business, it is important that we make these investments to continue to prevent criminals from using our platform to distribute and engage with CSE content. is.” Said Joe Benarroch is Company X's business operations manager.

The platform has been criticized for its prevalence of anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi content. As a result, many advertisers have spread the platform.

In 2022, Musk bought the social media platform (then Twitter) for $44 billion and allowed free speech on the platform. That didn't go well, as the tech billionaire came under fire for cutting “the company's trust and safety workforce.”

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interim measures

In recent weeks, the platform has been flooded with explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift, leading many of her fans to try to counter this with their own campaigns featuring more positive images of the singer. There is. Fans ran with the hashtag #ProtectTaylorSwift.

In the case of X, the platform blocked further searches for the musician.by new york posta user trying to search for her name on Monday. error “Don't worry, it's not your fault,” the message added asking them to try again.

But every time a user adds quotes around her name, a post containing her name appears, and some experts say X's approach to the problem leaves a lot to be desired. He claimed that there was.

“This is a temporary measure and was taken out of an abundance of caution to prioritize safety in this matter,” Benarroch said in a statement.

However, some Taylor Swift fans decided to report the account that shared the deepfake image.

track the issue

Generative AI is gaining momentum around the world, as are sophisticated tools that can be used to spread malicious content. In the Taylor Swift case, deepfake detection group Reality Defender tracked down a number of pornographic materials depicting the pop star specifically on X, while others were on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Ben Decker of the threat intelligence group Memetica said the Taylor Swift image was first leaked from a campaign called Lewd DALL-E, which specializes in sexually explicit AI-generated images of female celebrities.

“This is part of a long-standing adversarial relationship between trolls and platforms,” Decker said.

“As long as platforms exist, trolls will try to destroy platforms. And as long as there are trolls, platforms will be destroyed. So the real question is, how many more times will this happen before serious change occurs?” I wonder if something like that will happen.”

The White House weighed in on the issue Friday, calling the fake images “alarming” and calling on social media platforms to: accept responsibility To prevent the spread of false information.

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