Xsolla Founder Shurick Agapitov Announces Release of His New Book, ‘Once Upon Tomorrow’, An Aspirational Vision of the Metaverse

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    Renowned author and Exora founder Shurik Agapitov has unveiled his visionary Metaverse Manifesto at the launch of his new book, Once Upon Tomorrow.

    Agapitov's new book offers enthusiasts a view of what the Metaverse holds and its potential, but its content and mainstream narrative are chalk and cheese.

    According to its contents, “Once Upon Tomorrow” presents a transformative vision of the Metaverse as a vast, inclusive, and empowering space, challenging traditional views often discussed at industry conferences.

    This book calls on creators, thinkers, and dreamers around the world to join us in shaping a future where technology expands human potential.

    Agapitov released a comment providing a brief insight into the content of the book, saying:

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    “Once Upon Tomorrow presents a vision of the Metaverse as a realm where creativity, innovation, and empowerment come together. It's about unleashing collective creativity and entrepreneurship.” Agapitov said.

    Agapitov's work explores the untapped potential of the Metaverse, demonstrating its ability to integrate emerging and traditional brands, create unforgettable consumer experiences, and enrich global culture. He advocates for the democratization of opportunity and equal access to cutting-edge technology, and emphasizes the role of the metaverse in empowering content creators around the world.

    Pay attention to, “Once Upon Tomorrow” It extends beyond technological innovation and highlights its impact on education, providing hope and opportunity for people of all ages. Agapitov calls for a decentralized metaverse, shifting control, profit potential, and freedom into the hands of creative communities rather than Silicon Valley's control.

    This book envisions a future in which the Metaverse will transform every consumer-facing industry, from fashion to healthcare to entertainment. Agapitov investigates its potential impact on the business-to-business sector, education, urban planning, government-to-government relations, and nonprofit activities.

    In addition, “Once Upon Tomorrow” It also provides unique insight into the evolution of technology, from the early days of Instagram and Snapchat to the future of immersive applications. Agapitov discusses the roles of various technology stakeholders and highlights the continued need for advanced networking and hardware.

    Once Upon Tomorrow is not just a book about the Metaverse, but a roadmap to a future where technology serves humanity in all its diversity and promotes economic, social, and creative inclusion. It is considered. Agapitov's work challenges readers to rethink the Metaverse and its endless possibilities, promising a future where innovation knows no limits.


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