Yuga Labs Shifts Focus To Metaverse, Axes Jobs

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    Yuga laboratory CEO Daniel Alegre announced a major restructuring on Friday, including layoffs across various teams. This comes amid a focus on expansion into the Metaverse and marks a strategic change in the company’s priorities.

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    in statementMr. Alegre communicated the difficult decision to eliminate several roles company-wide, emphasizing the need to streamline efforts and focus on core competencies.

    Reflecting on his journey since joining Yuga Labs six months ago, he emphasized the commitment to creative storytelling and community building, which he believes is at the heart of Yuga. .

    The CEO acknowledged the company’s accomplishments, including successful initiatives such as: dookie dash, twelve times, made by monkeys Collaboration with brands such as gucci and vape.

    He also pointed to challenges, particularly in gaming operations, and emphasized the need for external partnerships to strengthen the company’s services.

    Alegre is opposite side A strategy aimed at integrating all digital connections into the evolution of Otherside.

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    This includes games, entertainment experiences, interactive social connections, and Eric Reid And his team.

    Mr. Alegre elaborated on the future of the Yuga community and mentioned the following plans: boring ape yacht club, cryptopunks, mebits and 10KTF.

    He emphasized the importance of the Metaverse, saying that Meebits was designed specifically for it.

    The Otherside team plans to use 2024 as a key year to introduce the Otherside platform and roll out new gaming experiences through third-party partnerships.

    Regarding the company’s commitment to transparency, Alegre said regular development updates will be provided in the coming weeks.

    He also emphasized the importance of strategic partnerships, Hades, bad rhino, OMA3, accelerator bite and far awayamong others.

    Alegre further assured that employees affected by the restructuring will receive sufficient support, including generous severance benefits and assistance finding new employment.

    He recognized the challenges facing not only Yuga Labs, but the broader industry and global economy.

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