ZTX Metaverse Platform Unveils Its First Partner Wearables In Collaboration With Dust Labs

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    • ZTX Metaverse Platform and Dust Labs have collaborated on various activations
    • Via the ZTX Avatar Builder, DeGod digital asset owners will have exclusive access to newly launched branded wearables.
    • The ZTX platform also has a private beta of its 3D open-world application and the launch of Genesis Home Mint in its pipeline.

    It’s no exaggeration to say that the rapid growth of the Metaverse project is primarily measured by community satisfaction. In the digital realm, developers have the sole responsibility of building interesting products that their respective communities interact with. Additionally, most metaverse projects strive not only to recreate real-world perspectives, but also to enhance interaction through sci-fi-like products. As a result, developers of various metaverse projects need to work together to share the best ideas for shared prosperity.

    ZTX Metaverse Protocol and Dust Labs Announce New Product Lines

    We’ve been working together for the past few months, ZTX virtual world platform and dust lab – Web3 startup powering the technology behind DeGods and y00ts digital collections – announced The first product line that the community can interact with. ZTX plans to offer DeGods holders a token gate experience where they can claim his DeGods branded hoodies and sweatpants within the Avatar Builder.

    Interestingly, DeGods NFT holders will be able to use their ZTX exclusive wearables in metaverse gaming, governance and trading on the platform. In addition, ZTX offers content creators the opportunity to showcase their talents through the Avatar Builder and interact with his community in the Metaverse. Meanwhile, ZTX wearables pave the way for digital collection projects such as DeGods, which reward community members with diverse 3D utility assets that extend original IP into new immersive experiences.

    “We are thrilled to be working with Dust Labs, who have worked with us on various activations, to unveil our first partner wearable. Our goal is to provide the community with the resources to easily step into the virtual realm, and this release marks the first of many community initiatives we are introducing,” said Chris Jang, co-CEO of ZTX.

    Dust Labs CEO Kevin Henrikson echoed a similar sentiment, saying DeGods NFT holders have an opportunity to diversify their digital collectibles. The DeGods NFT ecosystem consists of an active community and deep liquidity on the Ethereum network that enables seamless swaps.

    “This collaboration with ZTX is a testament to our ambition to make DeGods the number one community in the world. By providing our community members with unique digital assets like these partner wearables, we are increasing the usefulness of DeGods and creating immersive experiences that truly set us apart,” said Henrickson.

    Notable Highlights and Market Outlook

    The ZTX team has several lineups in the pipeline waiting to be announced in the coming weeks. For example, the ZTX platform plans to launch a private beta of its 3D open-world application in the near future. Additionally, the ZTX Metaverse project has announced plans to unveil the Genesis Home Mint. This is an NFT collection consisting of 4,000 rare 3D homes that give owners access to future special airdrops, events, governance and games.

    Additionally, the ZTX platform is underpinned by ZEPETO’s strong community of over 400 million registered users. Additionally, the ZTX Metaverse platform is backed by veteran digital asset investor Jump Crypto, which has greatly contributed to the platform gaining more global markets since its launch in 2022.

    Having launched a wearable collection in partnership with other NFT enthusiasts, the ZTX platform plans to roll out a token system to aid governance and community participation. ZTX also works with other Web3-focused platforms such as Arbitrum (ARB), a Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution on the Ethereum network with over $1.4 billion in total value locked and capable of handling more than 7x the beacon chain. Additionally, the ZTX platform plans to launch a series of Gate He playtests in which users can test his ZTX gaming experience in several stages prior to the beta launch.


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