Zuckerberg Champions Quest Headset Supremacy

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    Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently highlighted Meta Quest 3, positioning it as a formidable rival to Apple's Vision Pro. This development signals a new vitality in the metaverse space, which was previously overshadowed by the explosive growth of artificial intelligence and other technological phenomena.

    Zuckerberg highlighted the features of Meta Quest 3, noting its cost-effectiveness at being “seven times cheaper” than Vision Pro. This makes it a more accessible option than Apple's latest offering for consumers diving into mixed reality, he said.

    A side-by-side comparison shows that the Quest 3 matches the Vision Pro in high-quality pass-through and large screen features, and weighs 120 grams less. Zuckerberg's key point about the Quest's superiority is the lack of motion blur. He said this could be a major hindrance for people who want to use headsets to access games and experiences like the Metaverse.

    For this reason, Zuckerberg claimed that:

    “After using [Apple Vision Pro], I think Quest is not only a better value, it's a better product. period. “

    Despite these advances, Meta's Reality Labs, a pioneer in the company's Metaverse pursuit, reported a massive loss of $4.65 billion in the fourth quarter of 2023. Despite this, Meta remains steadfast in his commitment to AR/VR technology. The department's recent shift to focus on practical applications of VR in professional training and medical rehabilitation reflects the strategic expansion of the Metaverse's appeal beyond gaming.

    And shareholders appear to share the positive outlook. Metaplatform stock has experienced huge growth. The stock recently hit an all-time high of about $480. This is a massive 425% increase from November 2022, when Meta's stock price sank to a long-term low of less than $90.

    Meta Platforms (META) stock price chart 1W. sauce: TradingView

    Under these circumstances, Disney is also emerging as an important player in the Metaverse field. The entertainment giant known for his adaptation strategy recently signed a new deal with Epic Games and hinted at ambitious plans for his game Metaverse.

    This move by Disney, combined with Meta and Apple's efforts, points to a vibrant and still competitive Metaverse field. Both Meta and Apple are keen to seek a dominant position in this market and revolutionize the experience across various industries.

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    Disney's entry into the fray, leveraging its vast entertainment resources and new partnerships, adds new intrigue and possibilities to the Metaverse story.

    It is critical to observe the impact of technology and entertainment giants in the Metaverse on consumers, industry, and technology.


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