Zuckerberg has thoughts on Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta’s AI path

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    Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a few swipes of Apple’s Vision Pro at an all-hands meeting yesterday (June 8) where he explained the company’s AI strategy and Metaverse assured staff that: It’s not over yet.

    “Our vision for the Metaverse and Presence is fundamentally social, about people interacting and feeling connected in new and surprising ways.” Zuckerberg said at a company meeting yesterday, according to people familiar with the matter. New York Times report. “In contrast, all the demos Apple showed were someone sitting alone on a couch.”

    He also reportedly attacked the Vision Pro’s $3,500 price point. While emphasizing meta quest 3, price is $500 and will be on the shelf later this year.

    Zuckerberg’s astute comments and attempts to reassure metastaff come just days after Apple debuted its AR/VR gadget. teeth do not ring headset. This was announced at his 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5th, where Apple was also announced. avoided the word “Metaverse”.

    However, Zuckerberg has not given up on the Metaverse in facing off against a Cupertino-based competitor, despite the Metaverse’s snubs, and said that Meta’s development of open-source AI software is not the same as what the Metaverse is trying to build. I think that it complements the virtual world that exists.

    Citable: On explore legislation of physics

    “I was very curious to see what they would ship, and that they would ship would be a good sign for our own development.” [Apple engineers] There are no magical solutions to the laws of physics that we have yet to investigate.meta CEO mark Zuckerberg at a Meta internal meeting on June 8 (New York Times)

    After cutting jobs, Meta is ready to execute its AI vision

    Meta is going through a difficult time. Started by Facebook’s parent company 2 large rounds Job cuts have been in place since November to cut costs, with the latest round cutting 10,000 jobs.

    Meanwhile, Meta’s VR division lost over $13 billion That’s because the metaverse struggled to capture consumer interest last year.

    Now that his workforce is slimmed down, Zuckerberg seems more confident about giving virtual reality another try. integrated with Artificial Intelligence, according to a report from yesterday’s conference.

    CEO of Meta Open Source We confirmed our approach to AI at yesterday’s meeting. Features like ChatGPT Coming to Messenger and WhatsApp. A generative AI feature is also reportedly in the works for Instagram.

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