Zuckerberg Targets Apple’s Spatial Computing Vision in New Video

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    this week, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Metauploaded a remarkable video to his Instagram, giving potential insight into the future of the company’s XR vision.

    In the video, Mr. Zuckerberg and Meta Chief Technology Officer Andrew Bosworth said: Compete for the highest touch typing score on the virtual keyboard.

    Mr Zuckerberg added:

    Our Reality Labs research turns any flat surface into a virtual keyboard with touch typing. there was a race, [Andrew Bosworth] Recorded at approximately 120 words per minute. It was just around 100wpm. I need practice.

    Despite the fun nature of social posting and the use of the Quest 2 headset. This video may provide some core insight into his MR vision for Meta going forward.

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    If Apple gets its way, spatial computing could be the next XR buzzword, and the XR market is already reacting to its marketing efforts, cutting Apple out of the existing immersive product space. .

    A recent video from Meta could show the company’s commitment to providing productivity-based immersive solutions as it gears up for the Quest 3’s debut.

    The company is already deeply committed to developing an enterprise-grade XR device, offering the “future of work” with its Meta Quest Pro device.

    But recent news about the Quest Pro remains quiet. Meanwhile, Meta wants to debut its next MR headset, the Quest 3, alongside the Apple Vision Pro.

    Vision Pro aims to replace your laptop screen with its spatial computing vision. This enables headset operators to interact with applications using hand tracking in 360-degree environments where hardware overlays AR content on real-world locations.

    With the integrated Apple Workplace app, Apple touted the Vision Pro device as a productivity tool. The device will support his AR/VR/MR games and Metaverse content, but Apple is keen to debut an MR device that is more like a laptop than a game console.

    Meanwhile, Meta will debut its Quest 3 device as a gaming headset apart from its Pro product. But Zuckerberg’s recent posts may suggest that Meta is seriously considering building a productivity-enhancing spatial environment to rival the Vision Pro in 2024.

    Meta Connect 2023: What to Expect

    Meta will be hosting a two-day XR showcase event Connect this September 27-28 to discuss emerging technologies such as the Quest Portfolio, Ray-Ban Stories, Avatars and Horizon Worlds.

    Meta will also provide attendees with hands-on opportunities on upcoming Meta XR products, Horizon Worlds metaverse developments, new AI innovations, and the company’s upcoming immersive product portfolio. The second day will feature developer sessions and product sneak peaks, possibly showing off the upcoming Meta Quest 3 MR device.

    According to current details, Meta contains the following design features:

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ chipset that gives users “”[twice] Graphics performance,” Zuckerberg said.
    • Quest 3 will also be compatible with all legacy titles, said the CEO. [are] Coming. “
    • hand tracking
    • 128GB of storage
    • Battery life is about 2 hours
    • Space to store prescription glasses
    • 100 degree field of view

    Most recently, an unboxing video for Meta Quest 3 leaked earlier this month, providing insight into its design capabilities. Interestingly, this leak has similarities to his Connect 2022, which revealed an unboxing video for a pre-release model Quest Pro a few months before the event.


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