Frost Giant Considers AI Voices for Upcoming Game

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    Game developer Frost Giant Studios is exploring the idea of ​​using generative AI for characters in its upcoming RTS game Stormgate, a successor to StarCraft.

    But the idea comes at a time when voice actors are already protesting SAG-AFTRA's decision to sign a contract with a generative AI company in January.

    video announcement

    Frost Giant Studios made the announcement via a video with CEO and co-founder Tim Morten introducing the characters that will interact with players.

    This video features xenoarchaeologist Tara Reid. Tara will be powered by Convai's generative AI “after being transformed into an Unreal Engine 5 metahuman with his assets.”

    The video goes on to show the player asking the character several questions using audio scripts, to which she responds in a “frankly horrible performance” that also breaks the fourth wall. Negative sentiment has already spread over this announcement.

    “Incredibly disappointed that Frost Giant Studios is considering using #generativeAI for characters in #Stormgate, the spiritual successor to #Starcraft,” said TechRaptor News Editor Giuseppe Nelva. Ta. Written on the X platform.

    “Fortunately, this is not the final word. We sincerely hope this garbage is discarded before it ruins the game.”

    ask for feedback

    However, Frost Giant Studios emphasized that whatever decision they make, they need to make the game more enjoyable for fans.

    “AI technology and the conversation around it are rapidly evolving,” the game studio said.

    “At Frost Giant, if we decide to implement this technology, we first need to make sure it makes the game more fun, more immersive, and has the blessing of the Actors Guild.”

    The company went on to ask for feedback from gamers on “experiments” that could influence the actions they ultimately take.

    “For now, I hope you enjoy this experiment, and please let me know what you think in the comments,” the frost giant said.

    according to neowin, Stormgate is scheduled to enter early access in mid-2024.Last month, the Frost Giant was launched on the market Encourage fans to invest To a game developer in the middle of a funding round.

    “The funding we secured will power our strategic marketing campaign and prepare us for Stormgate’s early access launch this summer. This initiative will encourage our supporters to upgrade to shareholders.” said Morten.

    Stormgate is expected to be three times more responsive than StarCraft II, making it the “most responsive RTS game ever.”

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    Leave everything to the user

    According to the company, the game production studio respects the opinions of fans and will take into account negative comments in the final decision. Game makers have already said they won't move forward with AI technology unless the actors' union is satisfied with the decision.

    “We believe strongly in human storytelling. Human writers and voice actors shape our settings, characters, and storylines,” Frost Giant said.

    “While we think it has the potential to deepen player immersion in the technology, we won't pursue using this technology in games unless it looks and sounds better, and without the blessing of the voice actors at all.” We will not consider it” union (SAG-AFTRA). ”

    However, many voice actors opposed SAG-AFTRA's decision to sign a contract with a generative AI company in January, saying, “As such, the blessing of the union does not necessarily represent the blessing of the voice acting community.”


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