Google debuts Duet AI to tackle new cybersecurity challenges in the cloud

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    Artificial intelligence tools are being abused in cyberattacks. how do you beat them? Join them by using AI to bolster your modern defenses.

    In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become hot topics in technology. The launch of tools like ChatGPT has introduced the explosive potential of AI chatbots to the entire community, but in the enterprise, AI and ML will have a far more transformative impact on existing business operations and security. There is a possibility.

    on tuesday, google nextAt the tech giant’s annual conference at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, Google debuted a new AI-based solution focused on enhancing the cybersecurity capabilities of its cloud and security solutions.

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    In the words of Sunil Potti, vice president and general manager of security for Google Cloud, the company “has seen a rapid increase in threats, the effort required by security teams to achieve the desired outcome, and chronic security issues. We want to address broad and fundamental security challenges.” Security talent is in short supply. ”

    According to Potti, one way these challenges can be addressed is by leveraging AI as part of a “holistic approach” to speed up processes, improve threat detection, and speed up existing workflows. It gives defenders the time and leeway to focus on tasks that require the guidance of a human operator by providing security teams with the technology to do what they need.

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    Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s security enhancements and Duet AI enhancements introduced at Google Next 2023. All of these are at the heart of new security products.

    Introduction to Google Workspace and Google Cloud May, Duet Al is an “always-on Al collaborator” that provides AI-based assistance including writing help, spreadsheet improvements, note-taking and the cloudDuet AI focuses on code development assistance, natural language processing, and business application development.

    At Google Next, the company debuted new security-related features for its AI tools.

    Introducing Duet AI: Mandiant Threat Intelligence

    Google duetAI mandiant threat intelligence


    Duet AI has been integrated into many of the leading products used by cloud defenders, the first of which is Mandiant Threat Intelligence.

    Mandiant Threat Intelligence is a service that compiles threat data containing the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) used by cybercriminals and state-sponsored threat actors around the world. Automatically generated summaries provide security teams with quick data on adversaries and their techniques, helping defenders make informed decisions to protect their networks. Duet AI will expedite these functions, allowing her to easily integrate threat intelligence into her existing SOC workflows.

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    Mandiant Threat Intelligence Duet Al is currently in preview and will be generally available later this year.

    Duet Al of Chronicle Security Operations

    Records of Google duetAI security operations


    Duet Al can currently be found at: chronicle security operationGoogle’s answer to the security operations center (SOC) for modern businesses.

    This artificial intelligence system provides automatically generated summaries based on key threats and contextual data to “help defenders more effectively protect their digital assets from persistent threats.” focus on streamlining some threat detection and security practices by providing remedial recommendations.

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    A particularly interesting feature of the new generative Duet AI integration is how it takes advantage of natural language processing. According to Google, Duet AI powers Chronicle’s natural language search, allowing defenders to type in questions, and Chronicle generates queries from those utterances, “presenting a fully mapped syntax for searching, It allows us to quickly refine and iterate on results.” ”

    Product Manager Ed Murphy and Senior Product Marketing Manager Shelly Tzoumas commented:

    “Duet Al in Chronicle provides generative Al-powered assistance to cloud defenders when and where they need it. It simplifies search, complex data analysis, threat detection engineering, It helps transform threat detection, investigation and response for cyber defenders, increasing the effort and effectiveness of each defender.”

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    Chronicle Security Operations Duet Al is currently in preview and will be generally available later this year.

    Duet Al in Security Command Center

    Google duetAI Security Command Center


    Duet Al is also integrated into Google Cloud security command center, a built-in security and risk management solution for Google Cloud customers. Along with attack path simulation capabilities, this security solution detects and protects against threats such as Google Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, BigQuery, and CloudSQL, allows unauthorized access, and eliminates configuration issues that are common problems leading to data breaches. Can be used to find mistakes.

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    Duet AI will now be able to analyze security issues and potential attack vectors “near-instantaneously.” By introducing AI into its Security Command Center, Google says it will reduce the paperwork associated with threat analysis, and summaries will help defenders focus on remediation, ensuring that “key findings” aren’t overlooked. says it can.

    Additionally, Google is adding Tenable’s agentless vulnerability scanning to its security solution.

    Mandiant Hunt for Chronicles

    In addition, Google introduced Duet Al to Chronicle Security Operations’ Mandiant Hunt, now available in preview.

    Google completes acquisition of Mandiant, a leading threat intelligence and cyber forensics company in 2022. Since then, Mandiant’s capabilities have been integrated with Google technology, and his inclusion of DuetAI in Mandiant Hunt is the latest improvement.

    According to Google, Mandiant Hunt, a managed threat hunting service, now “integrates Mandiant’s frontline intelligence and expertise with Google Cloud technology to proactively search for undetected attacks.” Adoption of AI may enable defenders to detect more threats to organizations, including new attack methods, by detecting malicious behavior patterns and combining old security data with new telemetry.

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    Google said:

    “Mandiant Hunt for Chronicle provides continuous threat hunting against Chronicle data by Mandiant experts to uncover attacker activity and reduce business impact. A message from Mandiant’s frontline experts Integrating the latest insights into attacker behavior with the powerful capabilities of Chronicle Security Operations to rapidly analyze and search security data.Mandiant Hunt for Chronicle helps organizations close their skills gaps, recruiting, tools and training. It helps us get elite-level support without the burden of .”

    google next is the tech giant’s annual conference. His three-day conference this year will include keynote sessions on his cloud technology, DevOps, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. 2023 speakers include Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, Thomas Kuran, CEO of Google Cloud, and Adaire Fox-Martin, President of Google Cloud and Go-to-Market Google Cloud Division includes Mr.


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