INX Partners with XMANNA to Facilitate XMNA Token’s Security Token Offering

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    Launching on the fully regulated INX.One platform, the XMNA token is the first security token to integrate powerful investment opportunities in Metaverse, Loyalty, Gaming, Retail and Sports

    new york, April 24, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — INX Digital Company Co., Ltd. (NEO: INXD, INXATS: INX, OTCQB: INXDFMore) (“INX”), a broker-dealer and interdealer broker, today announced the launch of a new primary offering INX.Oplatform XMANNA, Metaverse, Loyalty, Gaming, Retail and a cutting-edge platform pioneering the convergence of the sports industry. This collaboration will enable the launch of his XMANNA token on the INX.One platform. It is the world’s first and only fully regulated end-to-end platform for listing and trading both SEC-registered security tokens and cryptocurrencies.

    The XMAN Token Security Token Offering (STO) is the first digital security token sale of its kind to provide investment exposure to these rapidly growing Web3 markets, with a fully compliant and secure platform for investment. Brings a wealth of new opportunities into your home.

    “We are delighted to partner with XMANNA to launch the XMNA token on our platform. This pioneering STO intends to transform the way users interact with the world of Web3, and we are excited to bring it to market.” I am proud to play a pivotal role on the Itai Avneri, Deputy CEO and COO of INX. “By partnering with XMANNA, INX continues to demonstrate its commitment to being at the forefront of the digital asset revolution, providing users with access to diverse investment opportunities.”

    The INX.One platform sets the global standard for effectively democratizing financial markets while providing the necessary regulatory guardrails through close cooperation with US and global regulators. A platform for listing and trading both security tokens and cryptocurrencies, providing a seamless and secure single entry point for institutional and retail investors to maximize opportunities to engage with digital financial instruments . We also offer a complete suite of services to issuers looking to raise funds through security token offerings.

    For security token issuers like XMANNA, INX.One is a true Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform design for capital raising. A digital security token to raise capital. An end-to-end solution for issuers, INX.One issuance services include remittance agents, broker/dealers, ATS licenses, raising capital, secondary trading, smart contract design, marketing and promotional support. List tokens for INX holds all the necessary licenses that issuers require and also has a global team of experts to provide guidance along the way.

    “XMNA STO is a landmark event in the digital security token space, offering investors the opportunity to invest in exciting aspects of the Web3 revolution including the Metaverse, gaming, retail and sports.” Steve Stein, co-founder and CEO of XMANNA. “The XMNA token will not only provide users with a unique digital asset, but also facilitate the growth and expansion of XMANNA’s innovative platform across various sectors. We look forward to the next chapter of our partnership with INX.” This includes leveraging the unique advantages of INX.One platform offers.”

    XMANNA is an innovative platform that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to create a unique ecosystem connecting the Metaverse, Loyalty, Gaming, Retail and Sports industries. Through the XMNA token, XMANNA aims to redefine the way users engage with these industries, providing a seamless, secure and transparent platform for interaction and trading.

    For more information on INX, please visit: More information about XMANNA and the XMNA token can be found here.

    About INX:
    INX provides a regulated trading platform for digital securities and cryptocurrencies. Combining traditional market expertise with a disruptive fintech approach, INX offers cutting-edge solutions to modern financial problems. INX is led by an experienced and dedicated team of business, finance and technology veterans who share the vision of redefining the world of capital markets through blockchain technology and innovative regulatory approaches.

    About INX Digital Company INX is the holding company of the INX Group, which includes a regulated trading platform for digital securities and cryptocurrencies, combining traditional market expertise with an innovative fintech approach. INX Group’s vision is to become the global regulatory hub for digital assets on the blockchain. The overall mission of INX Group is to connect communities and empower them with financial innovation. Our journey began with his first public token offering, INX Token, which raised US$84 million. INX Group is shaping the blockchain asset industry through its willingness to work in a regulated environment under the supervision of regulators such as the SEC and FINRA.

    INX’ inter-dealer broker, ILS Brokers, will offer non-delivery trading in addition to operating two regulated trading platforms for blockchain assets. Cryptocurrency I will transfer it to a tier-1 bank in the future. For more information, visit his website at INX Group. here.

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    About XMANNA

    XMANNA is revolutionizing the digital world by blending metaverse and web3 technologies with a familiar experience. The company’s Macroverse, XLANTIS and gaming apps, as well as his white-labeled Loyalty Gaming app, allow users to monetize their time, behavior and data while driving fan engagement and partner revenue. Join XMANNA and discover limitless opportunities in an ever-evolving digital environment.

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