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    Is VRChat free? If you had asked me that question a while ago, the answer would have been a resounding yes. VRChat was one of the first companies to introduce us to the possibilities of the Metaverse, immersive collaboration, and digital communities without a monthly fee.

    Wearing a VR headset while using VRChat is a great way to enhance your experience, but you don't need a VR headset to access the platform. Anyone can use his VRChat, even if they're just checking out the virtual world on their desktop computer.

    But like many companies helping shape the future of the Metaverse and XR experiences, VRChat has evolved over the years. In November 2023, VRChat began investing in a new “Creator Economy” solution with his VRChat+ paid subscription.

    What is VRChat?easy reminder

    Before we dig deeper into the question “Is VRChat free?” Let's see what it is. VRChat is a social virtual reality platform, and he was one of the first companies to take notice of the “Metaverse” opportunity.

    It is often described as a VR gaming platform. After all, it's full of gamified experiences like Capture the Flag and “Battle Disc.” However, VRChat is not just for the gamer community. Available on Steam, Meta Store, and VIVEPORT, VRChat provides an immersive social experience for everyone.

    On the platform, users can access the Unity SDK to create their own virtual worlds and unique avatars. Express yourself through gestures and emotional expressions, express your mood through avatars with lip sync and eye tracking features, and even enjoy spatial sounds.

    For teams in enterprise environments, VRChat also provides the opportunity to chat, collaborate, draw, sculpt, and design in real time. Some of the earliest examples of “immersive collaboration” occurred on VRChat and similar social platforms.

    Is VRChat free? Start a paid subscription

    So, is VRChat free?When it was first released, access to this platform was completely free, and even today it is still available in the “free” version. Today's VRChat. The free experience includes all the great features that make VRChat perfect for your XR-driven collaborations and conversations.

    however, November 2023, VRChat has introduced a new vision of the Metaverse “Creator Economy”, starting with the launch of paid subscriptions. This new feature allows users to financially support their favorite creators on the platform and gives developers the opportunity to monetize their content.

    Creators can link their content to subscriptions through the “Udon” programming language. In that case, users who purchase “VRChat Credits” may purchase a one-month, three-month, or one-year subscription to a virtual world or experience.

    These subscriptions give fans direct access to subscriber-only content such as VIP chat rooms, unique items, and exclusive events. VRChat says creators will receive about 50% of the revenue, and 30% of the cash will go toward fees charged by platforms like Steam and Meta.

    How does a paid subscription to VRChat work?

    The VRChat Creator economy allows users to purchase credits with real money. XR developers are enhancing this process by partnering with payment platform Tilia. According to a press release, the Tilia platform is explicitly designed to support the “digital economy.”

    Already, Tilia is powering the creator-based economy of Second Life, another well-known metaverse platform. Paid subscriptions also work in conjunction with Udon, VRChat's custom scripting language, allowing creators to create unique experiences for subscribers based on their needs.

    Additionally, this feature is integrated with VRChat's existing systems, allowing existing communities and developers to monetize their content with minimal effort.

    Users can spend VRChat credits purchased on the platform on reward creators set up via groups. Users can click the “Store” button to see everything available for purchase, including subscriptions, unique avatar components, and other special “extras.”

    Every time a customer buys something from a creator, they receive “earned credits.” Next, you need to submit a payment request to exchange your earned credits for real cash.

    Sellers must apply for eligibility to offer subscriptions through VRChat. There are many things.”Qualification guidelines” continues. For example, your account must be active and in good standing and you must have a VRChat Plus subscription.

    Is VRChat free? Explore VRChat+

    In addition to the new Creator Economy feature that allows developers to earn money through the VRChat platform, VRChat has also introduced VRChat Plus (or VRChat+). This is a new way for VRChat fans to support the platform itself rather than individual creators.

    VR chat plus Accessible on Steam or Meta Quest devices for $9.99 per month or $99 per year. When you subscribe, you will receive several bonus “perks” from VRChat, including:

    • Custom nameplate: VRChat+ allows users to customize their VRChat nameplate with new icons. You can upload images directly or take photos with VRChat. You can save up to 64 different icons, so you can switch between them at any time.
    • Photo invitation: VRChat+ users can send photos of their avatars when inviting friends and colleagues to meetings and events. This is just a way to make your invitation more eye-catching and attractive.
    • Favorite Avatar Slots: VRChat+ allows users to earn 300 “favorite avatar” slots. This means you can create dozens of full-body avatars for other use cases. You might use one for professional meetings and another for client conversations.
    • Menu drop: New side-by-side menu drops create a variety of beautiful background options for your VR experience. Again, this is more of an aesthetic upgrade than anything else.

    You can also get a supporter badge on your profile to promote your VRChat support. Additionally, your “trust rank” on the platform will improve. This means more avatar features will be displayed by default. VRChat also said it is actively developing new features for its subscribers.

    Is VRChat free?yes and no

    The answer to “Is VRChat free?” is both yes and no. However, the core experience available through VRChat is still free, and the company has no plans to change that. They created VRChat Plus to give users a way to support the platform.

    Subscriptions help fund VRChat's development and server costs, and create new user experiences in the Metaverse. At the same time, Creator Economy subscriptions should make VRChat more attractive to content producers looking to monetize their Metaverse experiences.

    Graham Gaylor, co-founder and CEO of VRChat, says the team plans to roll out more features in the future to support all use cases in the creator economy. The company wants all creators on its platform to succeed and earn money.

    Additionally, the upcoming launch of VRChat on channels like Pico 4 and Android will introduce discovery tools and features to help creators find their community.

    So while technically VRChat is still free, there are now more ways for fans to support the platform and its creators through paid subscriptions.


    How does VRChat Plus subscription work?

    VRChat+ subscriptions and benefits are tied to your VRChat account and platform-specific account. If you purchased your subscription through Steam, you will need to connect your subscription to your VRChat account in Meta to access the benefits of both platforms.

    How do I use custom user icons in VRChat+?

    Active supporters of VRChat can upload images to their account through the VRChat website. Whenever you use the platform, you can choose which icon you want to use. Users can upload and manage icons from the sidebar of the VRChat home interface.

    Can I gift VRChat Plus?

    You can send VRChat Plus gifts to your friends. If you already have a VRChat+ subscription, this will only extend the time until your subscription expires. The gifting period varies depending on the platform you use.

    How much does VRChat Plus cost?

    You can pay $9.99 per month for VRChat Plus or subscribe for a year for $99, which saves you 16% overall. You must renew your subscription to continue receiving additional benefits.

    How can I participate in the VRChat Creator Economy?

    Users who wish to sell subscriptions through the VRChat Creator Economy must follow the “Program Eligibility Guidelines” set by the platform. You must be 18 years of age or older, have a current subscription to VRChat Plus, and have an active account in good standing.


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