Meta, Colorintech Partner to Support UK Immersive Businesses

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    Today, Colorintech, a non-profit organization promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, has launched a Metaverse program to support immersive businesses in the UK. Together with leading XR company Meta, the program will incubate over 200 UK companies to expand their range of immersive products, tools and services in the region.

    of the partnership100 worlds in 100 daysThe Metaverse program invites applicants with new ideas and concepts from start-ups and established companies. Colorintech leads programs to promote diversity and inclusion in the UK’s immersive industry.

    In addition, Meta provides approximately 50 hours of free resources, support and guidance to help projects and expand the local development of XR experiences and business ideas.

    Nick Clegg, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, said: Added:

    The Metaverse has enormous potential to transform the way we work, learn, communicate, and experience the world around us. We want to make it available to everyone. Achieving this requires a collaborative approach. We are proud to support such a partnership with Colorintech to build the metaverse responsibly and inclusively from the beginning.

    Scaling XR in the UK

    The “100 Worlds in 100 Days” Metaverse program follows Colorintech’s mission to address diversity and inclusion in the tech industry through training, mentorship and networking opportunities for underrepresented groups.

    The company’s XR-specific programs are also intended to support Colorintech’s goals. The program provides opportunities for successful applicants in addition to Meta’s offerings such as workshops, webinars, and community networking events.

    Colorintech’s program also aims to equip applicants with the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to build successful immersive solutions.

    Colorintech co-founder Ashleigh AinsleyAdded:

    We are thrilled that Meta, one of the world’s most innovative companies, has once again chosen to prioritize diversity and inclusion as one of the key pillars of its investment in the Metaverse through this new program. increase. We believe the Metaverse has the potential to connect people and expand business opportunities in new and meaningful ways, and we believe in new platforms that are accessible to more people and, importantly, inclusive. We are committed to helping you build

    Interested UK immersive companies can apply for the 100 Worlds in 100 Days Metaverse programme. The program educates over 200 companies. Selecting from that application, Colorintech will then select 100 companies who will receive further training and guidance after the program period. The firm then presents its favorite ideas to a panel of industry experts for additional support.


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