‘Ready Player One’s Metaverse Plans Miss the Point of the Original Story

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    Futureverse, Warner Bros., and original author Ernest Cline have officially signed a deal. ready player 1 Intellectual property in the metaverse. create a digital world inspired by ready player 1 However, the gist of the original story is very different.

    Considering it's set in a dystopian society, the idea of ​​somehow bringing this story to life is a bit strange. Unfortunately, it seems that making dystopian worlds a reality is becoming a trend in the entertainment industry. Recently, Netflix has squid game Since it was turned into a reality show, the whole point of the original show's anti-capitalist theme is lost. Nowadays, the world is in decline and is suffering from pollution. ready player 1 This is the latest work to be brought into the real world. One would think that these creators could create something like a real-world Shire, Hogwarts, or Camp Half-Blood. But apparently it's much more appealing to instead bring nightmares, worst-case scenario alternate realities into reality.

    ready player 1 The work was first published by Klein in 2011 and made into a film in 2018. The story follows Wade Watts, a teenager who lives in the harsh reality of a future where the world is ravaged by pollution, global warming, and economic decline. To escape from reality, people often spend time in his OASIS virtual reality. Watts is particularly interested in VR as he tries to find easter eggs that will win him ownership of the games and the companies behind them. But the deeper he gets into the game, the more he realizes that he can't actually escape the real world.

    create a real life ready player 1 interesting choice

    Tye Sheridan as Wade Watts plays VR in Ready Player One
    (Warner Bros. Movie)

    as reported by hollywood reporter, ready player 1 is officially coming to the Metaverse. The Metaverse doesn't exist yet (and some doubt it does), but it is a virtual virtual world that players access through VR. Now, the metaverse company Futureverse has signed an agreement with Cline and R.ready player 1 Producer Dan Farrar created a digital universe inspired by the book. These three players have come together to form a new company, Readyverse, to create a digital world.Owned by Warner Bros. Discovery ready player 1acquired the IP by making a movie, but soon embarked on plans for the Metaverse.

    Farah also said THR Other conversations are already taking place to bring more IP into the metaverse. Meanwhile, Cline and her Futurverse co-founder Shara Senderoff, while acknowledging the book's dystopian world, assured fans that her VR interpretation will be more optimistic. Klein said he will work “to realize the best possible version of the Metaverse.”

    Although this Readyverse is still a long way off, this announcement raises some concerns regarding VR. At the end of the day, the main message of this book and movie is VR. Can not Replace real life. In fact, society's decision to hide from harsh reality in VR has only made the world's problems worse. By the end of the story, players realize the importance of staying connected to the real world and prioritizing real life relationships. Now, the author of this story is turning the very world she created to warn others about VR into her own VR experience.The entire Metaverse threatens to create just such a reality. ready player 1 warned about.

    Multiple global companies, including Meta and Microsoft, have already invested billions of dollars in Metaverse and show no signs of scaling back. Meta, meanwhile, suffered mass layoffs due in part to Mark Zuckerberg's reckless spending on the Metaverse. While that's still far from reality, there is evidence that some of these companies are already prioritizing VR over the real world and real employees. How much worse will this phenomenon be when, or if, the Metaverse finally arrives? ready player 1 It's certainly just a story, and it's hard to criticize the fact that Klein himself is behind this. Still, people can't help but feel uneasy when they start turning their backs on things that they used to think were very important to warn others about.

    (Featured image: Warner Bros.)

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