The Emirates Group invites tech experts to cracking IT careers in Dubai

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    Romanian IT professionals with the right skills need look no further than Emirates Group to advance their careers. The group includes Emirates, the world's largest international airline, DNA, The world's leading aviation and travel service provider.

    The group plans to begin full-scale recruitment in Bucharest with an invitation-only recruitment event in mid-January. Candidates can click to apply and be shortlisted. here.

    In the coming months, the Group will expand its focus on Software Engineering and Technology Software Engineering, DevOps, Hybrid Cloud, Agile Delivery, Technology Product Management, Digital Workplace, Cybersecurity, IT Architecture, Innovation and Service Management.

    Adel Al Reda, Emirates Chief Operating Officer, said: “Dubai ranks among the top 10 cities in the world where technology professionals aspire to work on future application developments and initiatives. As a global airline, we are committed to continuous product improvement across our operations. We invest in tomorrow to leverage advances in technology and improve the skills of our people. We are passionate about attracting talent to join the IT workforce. We have a number of exciting and challenging technology and innovation projects underway, some of which shape many of our daily processes and activities. We know it will lay the foundation for your dream career.”


    Typically, the Group's IT teams work on cutting-edge projects across B2C, B2B, and support functions and operations for more than 40 brands and businesses in Dubai and around the world.

    The team designs, builds, and efficiently maintains software and systems that help manage operations, increase revenue, streamline costs, maximize business and talent efficiency, and enable internal engagement. Recent projects undertaken by the IT team include launching Emirates' Premium Economy product, optimizing catering using AI models, introducing biometric authentication for check-in, and enabling self-service bag drop. Includes initiatives. DNA Cargo and resource management system.

    Technical employees have enormous opportunities to introduce advanced technologies and modern applications into airline operations and to develop flexible and user-friendly systems. We enable customer interfaces by using in-depth data analysis and collaborating with industry leaders to implement machine learning and robotics.

    tools and technology

    Advanced tools, technologies, and patterns available to IT teams include cloud services, microservices, API management, event streaming, robotics, DevOps, biometrics including facial recognition, web and native mobile development, mainframe – ALCS, ERP (Oracle applications). , ReactJS, full-stack Java, .NET, Python, and other modern programming languages.

    training & development

    Training includes in-depth courses on a variety of tools, technologies, technical subjects, and agile delivery to help you upskill and cross-skill. It also includes e-learning to support women in technology. These will be complemented by knowledge sharing sessions, tech talks, hackathons, codefests and bootcamps.

    Tech employees can also join an active and robust community of programmers, IT engagement hubs, tech academies, cybersecurity forums, and even data science practice forums.

    emirates group

    Emirates Group has a reputation for leading innovation across its teams and businesses. The Group recently opened an Innovation Majlis and has invested in: interac Aviation Masu.

    Emirates offers competitive salaries and benefits, profit-sharing eligibility, excellent medical and life insurance, preferential cargo, annual leave and immediate family tickets, as well as benefits for dependents, extended family and friends. We offer deeply discounted flights to all 130 domestic destinations. emirates network. The Emirates Platinum Card offers a range of benefits and discounts to employees at thousands of stores including clubs, clinics, education, retail and hospitality outlets in the UAE and around the world.

    Click to apply for an IT career at Emirates Group here.

    Top 10 reasons to join the Emirates Group IT team

    1. Take part in a thrilling and challenging project in aviation

    2. Leverage cutting-edge tools and technology

    3. Grow in a culture of innovation and change

    Four. Progress through extensive training and development opportunities

    Five. Enjoy competitive pay, benefits and work-life balance

    6. Travel the world with family and friends on Emirates' global network with great discounts on tickets

    7. Stay motivated, earn rewards, and gain recognition through your group's Najm program

    8. Join an active and powerful community and receive full leadership support

    9. We share the growth and expansion of two major global brands: Emirates and Emirates. DNA

    Ten. Live and work in Dubai, one of the most cosmopolitan and iconic cities in the world.

    Voices of our employees

    andrea andrei technical product owner, Joined in 2022: As an avid traveler, I definitely feel at home in the aviation industry. Still, the best part about working at Emirates is the opportunity to work with people who are passionate about their work, their products, and making flying better for their customers. The teams I work with are collaborative, dedicated, and committed to excellence. Everyone is on a path to self-improvement and there is a lot of room for growth. Living in Dubai definitely has its perks and I'm still adjusting to what feels like an endless summer. This city is fun, vibrant, and has so much to explore that every weekend feels like a holiday.

    Alexander Irimia Senior Technical Software Engineer, iOS Mobile App; Joined in 2021: From the moment I first visited Dubai in 2015, I knew I wanted to work in Dubai. Dubai is one of the most advanced and modern cities in the world, and its safety was an important factor for me and my family when we decided to move here. . Living in Dubai as a family means endless opportunities for fun and enrichment. We are able to explore the city's many attractions and my son has access to great schools and great interactive experiences that help him learn and grow. Emirates Group offers a quality of life with job security, opportunities to work with cutting-edge technology and competitive benefits. A fast-paced and dynamic work environment motivates me to grow and pursue my passions.

    Here I worked with Apple'Introduced a new framework and introduced the first one SwiftUI We were able to walk away from it looking at the app screen and the amazing team that I'm a part of. UI kit and only use SwiftUI For new features. I also changed jobs, had interviews, participated in hackathons, ideathonhas worked on refactoring its ICE (in-flight entertainment) module, created various POCs for innovation sprints, and recently met with Apple to demo its upcoming mixed reality headset, Apple Vision Pro.

    TEmirates Group offers a great work-life balance and a diverse working environment, where people around the world work together to achieve common goals. Living in Dubai gives you a sense of security that is truly priceless.

    Andrei Fell DevOps Engineer, Joined in 2023: In this short period of time working at Emirates Group, I have discovered a world of opportunities that perfectly align with my personal and professional aspirations. I have never been more motivated to expand my knowledge and gain valuable experience. The organization gave me the perfect platform to do that. The complex and dynamic nature of our work continually challenges me and encourages me to learn and evolve.

    Working here was a transformative experience because of the multicultural environment.Interacting with colleagues from diverse backgrounds doesn't just broaden your horizons It broadened my horizons, but at the same time enriched my work with a wealth of perspectives. The collaborative spirit of our diverse team is truly inspiring.

    I'm very proud to be part of the world's largest international airline. Here, mastery meets the highest expectations and always strives for excellence. The challenges we face every day are a testament to our commitment to delivering only the best.

    Dubai offers an attractive lifestyle with a wide range of attractions to enjoy all year round. The city's unique blend of modernity and tradition creates an unforgettable experience for its residents. as a passionate person Traveler, I'm honored to be part of an organization that allows me to combine my love of technology with my love of exploring new destinations. From Dubai to destinations around the world, my work takes me to places I've always dreamed of visiting.


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