US Firms Scramble to Hire Generative AI Talent, Job Listings Soar

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    Demand for generative AI talent is skyrocketing, with thousands of job openings across the United States, according to new research from job search engine Adzuna. The number of job postings citing generative AI surged 700% between January 2023 and May, according to the study.

    Adzuna analyzed the millions of jobs available on its platform and found an upward trend in the number of monthly job postings featuring keywords such as “Generative AI” and “ChatGPT.” Business Insider reports that it posted 7.8 million jobs nationwide in May alone.

    Of these, 1,496 job postings cited generative AI as of the end of May, an increase of 709% from 185 in January, and only 3 in May 2022.Easily find generative AI jobs Asuna At the time of writing, there are 1,993 job openings in the US.

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    AI Powers the US Market

    Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create new content such as text and images in response to prompts. This is a rapidly growing field represented by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to create human-like conversations.

    Since ChatGPT’s launch in November, businesses have quickly taken advantage of ChatGPT. Many businesses have incorporated a myriad of ChatGPT-inspired AI products into their operations to improve efficiency, customer service, and reduce costs.

    ChatGPT is a popular tool for entities because it can be used to automate customer service tasks, create content, and analyze data.

    About 50 publicly traded companies in the US mentioned The OpenAI chatbot was unveiled during its May 2023 quarterly earnings call, highlighting the importance of this new technology trend. According to Adzuna’s head of science, James Neave, more and more companies are looking for workers with generative skills.

    “In the U.S., not only is the market driven by AI, but AI is on the radar for both investors and job seekers alike, with job citations citing generative AI on the rise,” he says. Said Business Insider.

    Adzuna revealed that opportunities for generative AI are primarily cited in areas such as IT, engineering, science and quality assurance, accounting and finance, and sales. The platform has also reported an increase in jobs requiring work on ChatGPT, he added.

    high paying jobs

    According to Asuna. Jobs citing generative AI have an average posted salary of $146,244 per year, while ChatGPT-related jobs average him $133,000. These are clearly very high paying jobs compared to the average worker in the US and other countries.

    “Based on Adzuna research, we expect companies to continue to post more job ads citing Generative AI, ChatGPT and chatbots this year,” said Neave.

    Insiders report that the emergence of generative AI is giving rise to new job titles, such as “prompt engineers,” who write texts to test AI-powered chatbots. Their job is to help developers find errors and hidden features in their code.

    However, some workers may eventually be replaced by AI. In a previous report, Goldman Sachs warned that generative AI could lead to the loss of 300 million jobs worldwide. As MetaNews reported this week, it’s already happening. Last month, artificial intelligence displaced 4,000 of her human jobs in the United States.

    This article was first published on MetaNews as U.S. companies battle to hire generative AI talent.


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