Week at a glance: Brands & metaverse; Interview with ChatGPT; Q&A: Ajay Gupte

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    In-Depth Part 1: How Ready Are Indian Brands for the Metaverse in Practice?

    The Metaverse offers a sea of ​​opportunities for marketers and brands to engage and target TG in new and exciting ways. By staying on top of new trends and technologies, brands can create innovative, immersive experiences and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

    In-Depth Part 2: Crafting the Perfect Metaverse Marketing Strategy

    Are brands and marketers ready to market in the metaverse? Marketers and experts agree that brands have not yet fully grasped the potential of the metaverse. Marketers need to get the Metaverse and her Web3 ecosystem right before venturing into this whole new realm of marketing.

    We are building the agency of the future: Ajay Gupte

    “2022 was our first year fully out of COVID and it was interesting in many ways,” Wavemaker South Asia CEO Ajay Gupte said in a conversation with Adgully. He added: A lot of new business has been brought to us in terms of new services such as e-commerce, performance and content. We were able to make a good team. Compared to the first 7 months, the last 5 months are much lower. ”

    I have no sentient abilities: Adgully interviews ChatGPT

    ChatGPT is used for a variety of purposes, from students getting it to do class assignments, to business executives planning their future strategies, to coders using it to create computer programs. .

    Zakka Jacob Demystifies YouTube Success Stories for CNN-News18

    CNN-News18 is experiencing phenomenal growth on YouTube. In January, it had 173 million views on YouTube and 135 million views on Facebook. CNN-News18’s managing editor Zakka Jacob said:

    Content creators welcome meta-authentication, say it protects ideas and identities

    Following Twitter instructions, Meta Platforms announced on Sunday that it is testing a paid monthly subscription service called Meta Verified. This allows the user to verify the account with her government id and earn a blue badge. This is intended to help content creators grow. build a community.

    Licious Lessons Learned When Creating New Categories – UnCrave Done Right

    In a conversation with Adgully, Simeran Bhasin, Licious’ alternative protein business head, dives into details about newly launched products, TGs, USPs, planned campaigns, and more.

    AIDCF vs Broadcasters: KCCL signs agreement under NTO 3.0

    After UCN, MSO Kerala Communicators Cable Ltd (KCCL) signed an interconnection subscription agreement with a broadcaster in accordance with NTO 3.0 mandated by TRAI.

    “The Zee Cine Awards 2023 plans to take the entertainment quotient to a whole new level.”

    In a conversation with Adgully, Ruchir Tiwari, Zee Cine Awards’ Chief Cluster Officer, Hindi Film Channel, Film Licensing & Syndication, Zee, shared how this year’s Zee Cine Awards will bring in all new talent and performances. Share some details about what you are doing. This year, Ariabat and Varun Dhawan will be the faces of the Geeshineh Awards.

    How Escape Velocity and Viacom18’s Collaboration for IPL Becomes a Game Changer for Advertisers

    Raghu Seelamsetti, CEO of Escape Velocity, a digital media technology services company, said this is the perfect opportunity for the brand to become part of the history of the sport. In this interview with Adgully, Raghu Seelamsetti discusses how Escape Velocity will align with Viacom18 in his IPL tournament, how this partnership with Viacom18 is a game changer for advertisers, and a huge opportunity for brands. It talks about what it will be like. excerpt:

    PR is becoming more result-oriented and delivering measurable results: Arneeta Vasudeva

    In conversation with Adgully as part of the PR Conversation, Arneeta Vasudeva, National Head of PR and Influence at Ogilvy India, discusses the evolution of the PR business, key PR trends in 2023 and the digital transformation underway in 2023. I will elaborate. PR, and many more.

    Women are natural leaders and are used to taking the lead when situations escalate: Jyoti Dabas

    In a conversation with Adgully, Fittr co-founder Jyoti Dabas shared her mantra for achieving work-life balance, the lessons she learned in effective leadership, crisis management, and modern market ecology. She talks about women’s leadership in the system, gender considerations, and more. .

    “In today’s market environment, the influence of women leaders has increased dramatically.”

    In a conversation with Adgully, Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Great Place to Work India, India, discusses the importance of gender diversity, the importance of having an unobstructed vision, teamwork, and being inclusive. Talk about diverse work cultures and more.

    Vinay Tamboli on how digital transformation is changing the face of marketing

    It targets 500 clients across a variety of industries with the sole purpose of making digital marketing operations management more efficient and effective for businesses of all sizes. In this conversation with Adgully, Vinay Tamboli discusses his digital transformation in marketing, predictive analytics, creating data lakes, and more.

    Learning and evolving are the keys to startup success: Vipul Gupta, Re’equil India

    In conversation with Adgully, Vipul Gupta, Founder and Director of Re’equil India, discusses his entrepreneurial journey and the Re’equil ecosystem. He also shares his key insights on upcoming trends for 2023 and how the company has become a leading brand in the skin and body care industry.

    Amritesh Bakshi on why ‘Perfectly Yours’ is becoming a role model for modern couples

    In a conversation with Adgully, Amritesh Bakshi, Director of Brand and Field Marketing, Hyatt India Consultancy, shared his insights on the campaign and how it is becoming a role model for modern couples. perfectly consistent with the sentiment that resonates with modern couples in


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