Why AI, sustainability and the metaverse are set to shape history

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    From networking events and panel discussions to fireside chats and eye-opening workshops, Sydney City Visiting Entrepreneurship Program engages in the hottest conversations in tech, from AI to sustainability.

    This month Sydney brings together the world’s leading global entrepreneurs and technology professionals for an annual program of free events discussing world-changing technology.

    Starting Wednesday, June 21st, at the premier venue in the city center’s Tech Central district, the Canadian-based technofuturist, Future Memory Co., Ltd. Garritt Ariel, co-founder Blitz Scaling Academy Chris Yeh, CEO quantum motion James Palles-Dimmock, Director of Accessibility Technologies, Microsoft; Author Dona Sarkar, Co-Founder and CEO Plan A Lubomira Giornova.

    Produced by the City of Sydney in collaboration with partner organizations in the local startup ecosystem and backed by: tech central and the big city commissionSydney’s technology event program will delve into the ideas, trends and technologies that are disrupting our societies and economies, addressing topics such as artificial intelligence, generative and quantum technologies and sustainability.

    At the Crossroads of AI and Disruption

    This year’s theme is Crossroads: Hype x Disruption, covers some of the major topics in today’s technology. Visiting entrepreneurs will explore what tech trends live above the hype, how they champion inclusiveness and equitable impact, and how to spot opportunity through the noise.

    According to one of the entrepreneurs we visited this year, Chris Yehthe growing interest in artificial intelligence is the most influential change our society has undergone in the last two centuries.

    “AI may be the most impactful technological wave since the industrial revolution,” Chris tells Startup Daily. “As a society, we will be more productive, have more jobs, and have better daily lives.”

    While Chris warns of short-term disruptions such as the disappearance of certain jobs and investments, he is confident that our society is best positioned to deal with it.

    “The timing for this year’s Visiting Entrepreneur Program is perfect,” says Chris. “The ongoing revolution is not only in AI, but also in the development of post-pandemic genomics and synthetic biotechnology.

    “Now is the perfect time to learn about and embrace the future.”

    Think like a techno-futurist

    This year’s program kicks off with an exciting launch event on Wednesday, June 21st. Technology We All Deserveis introduced by renowned technofuturist Garit Ariel and explores the impact of technology on our lives and future, followed by a Q&A session moderated by Holly Ransom.

    “From artificial intelligence to quantum computing to real-time and immersive technologies, cycles and assumptions are accelerating, and we are experiencing emerging technologies ‘all at once, together,’” explained Garritt. To do.

    This session will provide an opportunity to understand the unique opportunities, challenges and responsibilities presented by the current wave of innovative technology from one of the technology industry’s most innovative minds.

    As technology permeates society at a rapid pace, this Canadian-based technofuturist takes a step back and re-examines how technology enriches or undermines our daily lives. I encourage everyone to do so.

    “We are looking forward to having a diverse audience, not just technology developers, agencies and service providers, but also the public, users and curious people,” said Garritt. “They are the core of the industry and should actively participate in discussions and discussions about the future of technology.”

    Program overview:

    The 2023 Visiting Entrepreneurship Program will take a deep dive into technologies such as AI, XR, Avatars, Biotech, Green Tech, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Generative Art and the Metaverse.

    For details of each session and the participating entrepreneurs, See the full program and book now.

    This article is courtesy of Startup Daily. city ​​of sydneysupported by tech central and the big city commission.


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