Yokai Invade the Metaverse in a Fortnite Update that Brings Voice Actors and Japanese Legends to Life

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    Yokai Box PVP Main Image

    Mari Takahashi (voice actor/esports voice actor)

    Mari Takahashi (voice actor/esports voice actor)

    Mitsuaki Aizawa (voice actor/esports voice actor)

    Mitsuaki Aizawa (voice actor/esports voice actor)

    This update goes beyond high quality and prepares for deeper “fanbase” connections, drawing fans into the world like never before.

    Tokyo, Japan, March 30, 2024 / — Mondrian Co., Ltd., which handles the game metaverse business, today announced the release of a game production package that integrates voice actor content into the game metaverse. The package will first be rolled out to Fortnite, a popular Metaverse gaming platform with over 500 million users worldwide. The company released the Japanese horror metaverse game “YOKAI BOX PVP'' as its first game.

    Make every attack epic. Game characters come to life with the voices of voice actors.

    In “YOKAI BOX PVP,'' voice actors Mari Takahashi and Mitsuaki Aizawa breathe life into monsters.
    The company has released “YOKAI BOX PVP'', a Japanese horror Metaverse game featuring Yokai, a part of Japanese history and culture, as the first original game starring voice actors in the Game Metaverse.
    In “YOKAI BOX PVP,” players compete against each other as monsters representing Japan, such as Kuchisake Onna and Nopperabo. This game features famous voice actors Mari Takahashi and Mitsuaki Aizawa who bring 12 types of monsters to life.

    Yokai Box PVP Trailer:

    Yokai Box PVP Game Overview
    Title: Yokai Box PVP
    Genre: Boxfight / Platform: Fortnite
    Developer: Mondrian Co., Ltd. / Cooperation: Cabbage Systems
    Map code: 2412-8654-0437
    Price: Basic play free / Maximum number of players: 16 people

    Voice actor profile
    Mari Takahashi (voice actor/esports voice actor)
    Born: December 15th
    Birthplace: Miyagi Prefecture
    the work:
    ・Anime: “Magic Sword User of Seiken Academy”
    ・Movie: “Omuroya”
    ・Stage: “DC III ~Da Capo III ~Message to the Future”

    Comment: “I love Fortnite, so I was very happy to have this opportunity.I was really looking forward to playing while recording.I hope you enjoy the PVP map where various monsters appear.Let's play together.'' Let’s go.”

    Mitsuaki Aizawa (voice actor/esports voice actor)
    Born: November 11th
    Birthplace: Tokyo

    the work:
    ・Selected as a finalist in the e-sports game caster contest “Jikkyou-O” and will begin his challenge to become an e-sports caster in 2022.
    ・Currently active in various fields as a voice actor and e-sports caster.

    Comment: “When I first did a game CV, I was very impressed because Fortnite was such a wonderful game.I hope you enjoy meeting the unique monsters.I hope to meet you sometime today. going to.” “

    Benefits of using voice actors in Metaverse games

    1) Improve content appeal: Voice acting by skilled voice actors brings characters to life and increases the overall creative level of the game. This allows users to have a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.

    2) Differentiate yourself from competitors in the Metaverse: Voice actors are still rare in Metaverse games, allowing your brand's content to stand out from the competition.

    3) Reach a wide domestic and international audience through fan-based marketing: The Japanese concept of “anime” has become a global cultural phenomenon. Japanese voice actors who bring anime characters to life are extremely popular both domestically and internationally, attracting passionate fans. By using voice actors, games can expand their recognition and user base not only in Japan but also overseas. Combining this strategy with differentiators can yield significant marketing benefits.

    4) Utilization of local government/corporate characters: Companies and local governments often seek ways to utilize original characters. By integrating voice actors with your game's metaverse, you can imbue these characters with unique personalities and greater appeal. This allows local governments and businesses to effectively reach their target audience.

    Message from Mondian Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Takashi Tsunoda)
    “Many companies, local governments, and organizations are entering the Metaverse and creating a variety of content. However, it is not enough to simply publish 3D models on the Internet. Toward this end, Mondrian is developing a marketing strategy: “We are focused on improving the quality of the virtual space by leveraging voice actors, while at the same time fostering contact with fans and communities. Mondrian will continue to work with the voice actors and esports division to make the world of Metaverse even more appealing.”

    Message from the voice actor e-sports division (Object Co., Ltd. CEO: Naoki Yoshimura)
    “The voice actor e-sports division operates support projects for e-sports and games in parallel with sound production and casting, which are the core businesses of Object Co., Ltd.'s voice acting industry.”Fortnite” only has a battle royale mode. But it also has a huge appeal within the game: the world of “creative maps” created by players. The evolution of these creative spaces has led to more engaging experiences in recent years. For years, I've envisioned voice actors lending their talents to the characters and announcements within these maps. Object Co. “We are honored to be able to contribute to the realization of this project. We look forward to expanding and accelerating this effort, so please look forward to it.”

    About Mondrian Corporation:
    Mondrian Inc., led by CEO Tsunoda, is a pioneer in the Metaverse industry. Mondrian excels in tourism promotions, esports experiences, and groundbreaking events such as the Metaverse Creator Awards (MCA), supported by collaborations with major Japanese organizations such as Tokyo Dome, television stations, and the city of Wakayama. Their expertise spans multiple platforms and provides comprehensive services from content creation to community building within the Metaverse.
    For more information about Mondrian, please visit the Mondrian website.
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